Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Cool Father's Day Gifts
Dads are cool. That's just a fact. At least that's what they like to believe. Boost his swelling ego with these Father's Day gift ideas that will make him feel like the coolest dad around. Even if the dad in your life is already as suave as the Fonz, there's a smooth gift on this list he's sure to appreciate.

Cool Father's Day Gifts

12 Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Home Bar Essentials

Home bar essentials like decanters, glasses, or even a bar cart will add some class to his beverage enjoyment. Rather than drinking from whatever’s in the cupboards, Dad could use a coordinated set of whiskey glasses that makes drinks with friends or an evening nightcap feel like an upscale activity. Pair your gift with a bottle of his favorite spirit to see it get used quickly.

2. Stylish Men’s Watch

There aren’t many options when it comes to men’s jewelry and accessories, but a stylish men’s watch is a timeless gift that seamlessly blends fashion and function. Look for a watch that fits his personality and style, whether that includes a chrome face with a leather band or a shiny gold piece that really stands out.

3. Shave Kit

Shaving has always been a symbol of masculinity, but it isn’t always seen as the most relaxing activity. Put the fun back into his shaving routine with a full shave kit that helps him treat his face right. Pre- and post-shave balms, a sharp single razor, and a badger-hair brush will take him back to the days when shaving left a man feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

4. Cologne

No “suave dad” image is complete without a signature scent that becomes a part of his morning routine. If he already has a favorite scent, a refill is always appreciated. If not, pick one that you won’t mind remembering him by. If you have no idea where to start, try a cologne promoted by his favorite celebrity or sports icon for something new he can get excited about.

5. Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones with tangled, messy wires are the furthest thing from cool, but he’s sure to appreciate the sleekness and convenience of a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Wireless earbuds are perfect for taking to the gym or working in the yard, while larger over-ear headphones will be a great option for home or office use.

6. Sunglasses

A pair of stylish-looking sunglasses will keep Dad cool in more ways than one. Having a reliable pair can be a lifesaver, whether he’s driving into the setting sun or just enjoying some time outdoors. Make sure to look for polarized lenses to ensure that he gets the protection from harmful UV rays that he needs. Sunglasses might see more use in the summertime, but an attractive pair will keep him looking snazzy all year long.

7. Golf Clubs

Golf is a respectable pastime enjoyed by gentlemen across the globe. Introduce Dad to the sport or get him back out on the green with a new set of clubs that will help him get in the swing of things. If he’s already got a nice set of clubs, consider other golf gear like gloves or shoes that will have him looking like a pro on the course.

8. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is one stylish accessory that every guy should own. Since they’re available in an array of design and color options, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a jacket that’s perfect for the dad in your life. Faux-leather options give the look at an unbeatable price point, but genuine leather wins when it comes to durability and protection.

9. Messenger Bag

Give him a gift that’s both functional and fashionable with a handsome messenger bag that’s perfect for carrying a laptop, tablet, and other items to and from work. A classic leather bag works best in a business or formal environment, and a fabric option can be a great fit for more casual workplaces. You’ll keep Dad looking like a pro with a cool and stylish messenger bag.

10. Wallet

A worn-down wallet means cards sticking, loose stitching, and a discolored appearance that doesn’t lend itself to a “cool” persona. Get him a new wallet made from durable materials that will look great and last him for years to come. Choose from bi- or tri-fold options that feature plenty of storage, or opt for a minimalist wallet or money clip that carries just the essentials.

11. Cuff Links

If he often dresses in formal attire for work or special occasions, a nice pair of cuff links can be a thoughtful gift that subtly elevates his personal style. Cuff links come in both conservative and flashy options, so choose a pair that complements the look Dad favors most regularly. You can even find cuff links personalized with his initials for an extra special touch.

12. Men’s Ring

Jewelry is always a popular gift because it’s both a stylish wardrobe accessory and a reminder of the person who gifted it. A ring doesn’t draw as much attention as a bracelet or necklace, which makes it the perfect piece of jewelry for the dad who doesn’t want to look like he’s trying too hard. Avoid picking out a plain metal band that might be mistaken for a wedding ring. Instead, look for something with a unique design or a ring that prominently displays his birthstone.