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Dorm Room Checklist

Dorm Room Checklist

College Dorm Checklist

Going off to college is an intimidating time in anyone's life, but living on your own doesn't have to be a daunting ordeal. Preparation is the key to a stress-free transition into your first dorm, and knowing what you need to buy is an important part of that. No matter where you get your higher education, there are a few things that you will need for your new dorm room space. Check out our checklist of the most popular dorm room essentials for college students.

college dorm checklist

Clothes Hanger


Whether your dorm features a spacious closet or a portable garment rack, hangers are important for keeping your clothes neat and wrinkle-free.

Wicker storage baskets

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are a great place to keep supplies, spare papers, or extra blankets. Many storage baskets are stackable, which helps you save space in smaller apartments.

Wood desk organizer

Desk Organizers

Many dorm rooms include desk space to make studying a bit easier. You can keep your desk neat and ready for any last-minute studying with a stylish desk organizer for papers and writing utensils.

Blue laundry hamper


Every college student is busy, and it's easy to let simple things like dirty clothing pile up on the floor. You can keep the mess to a minimum with a convenient laundry hamper.

Black label maker

Label Maker

Let's face it, it can be tough to keep track of everything you bring with you to college. A label maker lets you print neat label stickers that can help you remember what's yours.

Silver over-the-door rack

Over-the-Door Rack

Over-the-door hanging racks keep your outerwear accessible and off the floor, and can also be a great place to hang your towel when it’s not in use.

Three piece silver luggage set

Luggage for going home

It's always a good idea to keep a small suitcase or duffel bag handy for weekend trips back home.

Black bed risers

Bed Risers

Bed risers are great if storage is scarce in your dorm room. These risers provide plenty of extra under-the-bed storage space for all your college necessities.

Blue desk lamp

Desk Lamp

Keep your desk well-lit and your class notes in focus with a stylish desk lamp.

Grey reading pillow

Reading Pillow

The perfect way to enjoy required textbook reading, a supportive reading pillow helps you avoid the back strain that often comes from desk chairs.

Red backpack

School Bag

Nothing is more important on your way to and from campus than a quality backpack or school bag to keep your notebooks, writing utensils, and laptop safe and accessible.

Set of three pens

Writing supplies

Be prepared to take on your lessons every day with plenty of pencils, pens, highlighters, and other writing utensils.

Grey, white, and pink pencil case

Pencil case

Nothing is more important on your way to and from campus than a quality backpack or school bag to keep your notebooks, writing utensils, and laptop safe and accessible.

Black laptop case

Laptop case

Like college itself, your laptop represents an expensive investment in your future. Keep it secure and safe within a quality laptop case as you go throughout your school day.

Grey bluetooth speaker


Music is a study essential for many students, and a good set of speakers can turn any dorm room into the perfect study space.



Although many professors prefer online submissions when it comes to papers and assignments, you may find it beneficial to have a printer for those times when your class requires you to submit physical papers.

Set of notebooks


No matter what you study in college, one thing's for sure: You'll be taking a lot of notes. Stock up on durable notebooks that capture your charming personality.

Set of sticky notes

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are a great choice if you know you're prone to forgetting about assignments and meetings. Use these notes to stick reminders in places that you definitely won't miss.

Black bike lock

Bike lock

Your bike is one of the most efficient ways to get to and from campus. Lock up your bike with a sturdy and reliable bike lock so you can rush to class knowing your bike is secure.

White board

White board

It's surprising how helpful something as simple as a dry-erase board can be. You'll appreciate the ability to plan your week, work out math equations, or write outlines for essays without having to waste paper.

Giraffe wall art

Wall art

Dress up blank dorm walls with fresh artwork to help liven up your room.

Blue and white geometric accent pillow

Accent pillows

Accent pillows are a must in any dorm room space. There's nothing more refreshing than sinking into a pile of comfy pillows on your bed after a long day at school.

Yellow throw blanket

Throw blankets

Add comfort and style to any space in your dorm with a cozy throw, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa and keeping warm on cooler winter nights.

Retro wall clock


While a clock is important for keeping you on time to class and extracurricular activities, you can find a variety of unique designs that are great for adding character and style to your dorm room space.

Glass terrarium


Live houseplants in indoor spaces aren't just for decoration. Plants provide benefits such as helping maintain clean air and even encouraging better focus during studies.

White curtains


Nothing helps turn your dorm room into a home away from home like a pair of neat curtains hung around the windows.

Colorful geometric rug


The perfect solution for cold, hardwood dorm room floors, a good area rug adds plenty of character, solid insulation, and a plush touch underfoot.

White mid-century chair

Dorm chair

While space may be limited, a compact and comfy dorm room chair is a great place to sit back, relax, and study in comfort.

White and silver floor lamp

Floor Lamp

Good lighting is an important part of enjoying any space. You can ensure a well-illuminated dorm room space with a stylish floor lamp.

White mirror


A well-placed mirror is great for making sure you look neat and presentable as you head out for the day.

Shark cordless vacuum

Handheld vacuum

Nothing will help keep your space clean like a convenient handheld vacuum, so consider investing if your dorm doesn't have one already.

Cork board

Cork board

Great for posting reminders, pictures, and other scraps of paper, a cork board allows you to keep all your treasured college memories in one place.

Stack of sheets


While it's unlikely you forgot about sheets for your dorm room bed, it can be a good idea to invest in a second set to use when your first set is in the laundry.

White mattress pad

Mattress topper

You may find that your dorm room mattress is a bit less comfortable than your mattress at home. Padded mattress toppers provide impressive comfort at a fraction of the cost of buying a new mattress.

Graphic print duvet cover

Duvet cover

Duvet covers make it easy to showcase your unique sense of style and make cleaning your bedding a breeze.

Wooden alarm clock

Alarm clock

Make sure you're up and ready to go on time every morning with a reliable alarm clock beside your bed.

Stacked white pillows


Most dorm room beds are twin size, so you'll want at least one pillow for sleeping and maybe another if your duvet cover set includes a sham.

Grey eye mask

Eye Mask

If your roommate has a different sleep schedule than you do, it can be helpful to have an eye mask to block out light and help you get to sleep even if your roommate wants to stay up.

Grey bedskirt


Depending on how high up your bed is, a bedskirt can help to conceal any storage you've put underneath.

White comforter


Every duvet cover needs a quality comforter to go with it, and there are plenty of comforters that cater to a variety of temperature and heaviness preferences.

White mattress cover

Mattress pad & protectors

Although it's not the most glamorous addition to your dorm room bed, a mattress cover is important for keeping your mattress clean and your bedding in good condition.

Floral comforter set

Comforter Set

A comforter set, or “bed-in-a-bag,” comes with matching sheets and pillowcases, and often includes decorative accessories, like a bed skirt. For a price-conscious decorative bedding option, an all-in-one comforter set is perfect for students.

Silver coffee maker

Coffee maker

A dorm necessity, coffee makers are perfect for making that fresh cup in the morning and that after-hours jolt for latenight study sessions.

Colorful dishware


Even if paper plates are easier to clean up, having your own set of reusable dishes can help you feel like you're really in your own place.

Colorful utensils


While some meals are meant to be eaten with your hands, your set of reusable flatware is essential to eating pretty much anything else.

Pink Water bottle

Water bottle

Carrying a water bottle as you go throughout your school day is a great way to stay healthy and hydrated.

White and beige travel mug

Travel mug

Travel mugs are great for carrying your morning cup of joe with you as you head out the door in the morning.

Plastic colorful cups


Nothing feels better than sharing a cold punch or lemonade with your friends in your own reusable cups.

White microwave


As a college student, your spare time will almost always come up short. If your dorm doesn't already have a microwave to help you save time while you prepare food, it can be a good idea to bring one with you.

Colorful Tupperware


Perfect for saving leftovers or taking a packed lunch to campus, Tupperware makes it easy to keep food fresh and stretch your dining budget each week.

Pink electric tea kettle

Electric kettle

Electric kettles are a convenient addition to any dorm kitchen, rapidly heating water for things like tea or instant soups.

White and black wastebasket


Nothing is worse than having no place to throw away bathroom tissue or used dental floss in your bathroom, so look for a wastebasket that matches your bathroom's unique decor.

Clorox disenfectint wipes

Cleaning supplies

Keep your bathroom spick and span with spray cleaners, rubber gloves, scrubbing brushes, and other cleaning supplies.

Blue bath mat

Bath mat

Limit shower spills and keep your feet off cold bathroom tile with a coordinated bath mat set.

Pink shower caddy

Shower caddy

Keep all your necessary toiletries neatly organized and easy to take to and from the bathroom in a charming, water-resistant shower caddy.

White and grey towels

Bath towels

Invest in a bath towel or two that you can carry with you when you go to shower.

Grey and white bathrobe


Not only are bathrobes a cozy piece of loungewear, but they also make it easy to walk to and from the bathroom and your bedroom without any unpleasant exposure.

Blue shower shoes

Shower shoes/flip-flops

A sturdy pair of shower shoes or flip-flops are important for hygienic showering in shared bathrooms.

Geometric print toothbrush holder

Toothbrush holder

If you have a more private bathroom space in your dorm, then a sink-side toothbrush holder can make it convenient to keep your pearly whites pearly white.

Blue plunger


It's not glamorous, but no dorm bathroom should be without a toilet plunger in case you or your roommates need to play the part of amateur plumber.