Coastal Design Ideas

Coastal Design Ideas

Coastal Design Ideas
Nothing refreshes a home's style like the breezy and beachy principles of Coastal interior design. You don't have to live on the coastline to take advantage of ocean-inspired colors, natural textures, and nautical accents. We've compiled 15 Coastal decorating ideas that capture the essence of this quintessential beach style and are sure to breathe fresh, new life into any space. Mix and match your favorites to create a gorgeous Coastal interior that's all your own. For tips on creating a picture-perfect Coastal bedroom, living room, or dining room, check out our Coastal Furniture & Decor Ideas.

15 Coastal Interior Decorating Elements



Driftwood mirror
Image Provided by: Paint me Pink

Driftwood has an ocean-worn look that adds depth and organic beauty to your Coastal space. Place a driftwood wreath above your fireplace or a petrified log on your mantel or coffee table to incorporate this naturally aged material into your decor. You can even find Coastal furniture with driftwood legs or arms to make it a seamless part of your living room seating arrangement.


Nautical Wall Decor

Coastal wall art

Nautical decor makes a clear Coastal statement in any room. Display rowing oars above a sofa or bed as bold wall decor. You can complement the look with a handful of circular mirrors to resemble the porthole windows of a boat. Other nautical accents, like traditional sea anchors, can be hung as standalone pieces or worked into gallery wall arrangements to add some Coastal flavor.


Sea-Glass Lighting

Blue glass table lamp

Natural sea glass isn’t natural at all. The tides and waves transform glass from broken bottles and shipwrecks into art by wearing down the edges and giving it a frosted appearance. Sea glass table lamps and pendant lights borrow that nature-crafted appearance, adding an elegant touch to your Coastal decor scheme with their frosted, blue-green constructions.


Beach-Inspired Gallery Wall

Coastal wall art

A gallery wall is a stylish addition to any decor style, but a focus on beach elements can make it a perfect complement to a Coastal home. Framed pictures of beach memories or motifs like starfish, urchins, and seashells lend a playful element to your wall decor. You can have an exclusively beach-themed gallery wall, or simply include a few understated Coastal accents within an arrangement of family photos.


Nautical Rope

Coastal rope decor
Image Provided by: Sustain my Craft Habit

There are a variety of ways to include this seafaring staple in your home decorating. Nautical rope can be easily incorporated into other fixtures and decor items. Use a mirror framed by thick rope or a wreath wrapped in it as a focal point for your living room. Many Coastal lighting options include rope accents, such as sea-glass pendants suspended by a length of rope and table lamps overlaid with a tied or woven rope pattern. Knotted balls of rope can be displayed on a side or sofa table as well. Using nautical rope does more than amplify your Coastal style; it can bring some much-needed texture to any room.


Woven Baskets

Woven coastal style basket

Speaking of texture, woven baskets are another natural Coastal element that will add dimension to your home. Rope, hemp, and wicker baskets add functional storage to a number of spaces: under a two-tiered coffee or sofa table, next to an armchair, or on wall-mounted shelving or bookcases. These woven baskets come in a convenient array of sizes, so it’s easy to find a basket that works with your unique space requirements.


Natural Woven Rugs

Woven rugs made from materials like jute and sisal will make your home feel like a breezy beach bungalow. Natural rugs bring texture and a refreshing organic vibe that totally transforms your space. While these rugs are meant more for looks than adding plush comfort, they can be used in a variety of settings. Try placing one under a dining room table or in the middle of your living room seating area, or use one to center your bedroom furniture.


Live Plants

Live plants in coastal living room

Any kind of greenery will punctuate your decor with a vibrant pop of color, but palms and fronds especially lend to a Coastal aesthetic. Place taller plants in ceramic planters and position them in corners or next to a sofa or armchair. Along with palms, air-cleaning plants like rubber plants and peace lilies provide a soothing natural presence while removing breathable toxins from the environment. If you anticipate that consistently watering your plants may be difficult, opt for silk or plastic alternatives that require less maintenance.


Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed coastal wood bed

Reclaimed wood has an aged, well-worn appearance that’s similar to driftwood. Weathered timber can be a subtle reminder of seaside docks and piers or Old-World sailing vessels. In a living room, sofas and chairs with legs or arms made from reclaimed wood are a subtle way to bring in this element. Use a reclaimed wood headboard, bed frame, or nightstand to accent a Coastal bedroom, and a dining table and chairs with a recycled wood look will make for a stylish dining room.


Glass Jars & Bottles

Coastal style glass jars

If you’re struggling to find appropriate tabletop decor for your Coastal design, consider glass jars and bottles. Blue, green, and clear glass are all gorgeous accents that complement a Coastal palette. Use groupings of jugs, jars, and bottles of varying heights to add visual interest to a mantel, side table, or bookcase. Larger glass items can function as standalone pieces of decor to help balance your other Coastal decor elements.



Coastal style beadboard wall

The fresh, clean look of white beadboard is reminiscent of fluffy clouds, canvas sails, and pristine sand. It can provide a stark background that highlights furniture and decor placed in front of it. The subtle striping featured in beadboard is another Coastal motif that presents itself in this element. When utilizing this bright and beautiful wall covering, don’t go overboard. Instead, use just enough to create an accent wall or a waist-high border that still allows the freedom to explore other Coastal color options.


Striped Bedding

Coastal striped bedding

In a Coastal bedroom, your comfortable bedding can double as a delightful decor contribution. Striped bedding in Coastal blues and neutrals offers a restful look that’s fun but not too busy.  Bedding in a solid dark blue is another option that provides a striking contrast to an otherwise light and airy room design. There are a variety of options available, so take your time finding a bedding set that speaks to you.


Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtain in living room

The wispy look of sheer curtains helps create a breezy, beachy atmosphere in any room in your home. Their transparent nature won’t restrict the amount of incoming natural light, which helps your home become the bright and airy paradise it’s meant to be. You may want to use full-length curtains to dress up large picture windows and patio doors, and opt for sheer valances for smaller windows to create a seaside cottage feel.


Blue, White, and Striped Throw Pillows

Navy coastal style throw pillows

Throw pillows offer you a chance to use the more bold and vibrant Coastal colors that work best in small doses. Deep navy-blue pillows are a perfect nautical accent for creating a Coastal look on a light-colored living room sofa or in a master bedroom. Both trellis and striped pillow patterns are great choices for breaking up the color and providing more visual interest. Darker-colored sofas and bedding pair best with predominantly white- or cream-colored pillows so there’s a balanced amount of contrast.


Coral and Seashells

Coral on coffee table

If your space just isn’t feeling Coastal enough, try decorating with pieces plucked directly from the ocean. Coral, seashells, sea urchins, and other ocean life add color and texture to your decor and are small enough to display in clusters on shelves or strategically spaced out on walls or tables. Whether real or faux, ocean decor will bring a signature Coastal appeal to your home.