Best Christmas Presents for Dad

Best Christmas Presents for Dad

Whether he's the family tech guru or master of the barbecue, your dad deserves an awesome Christmas present this year. Let us help you navigate the shopping scene this holiday. Use these Christmas present ideas for Dad to get your gift-giving wheels turning.

What to Get Dad for Christmas

1. Turntable

If your dad has a collection of old vinyl records he hasn’t listened to in years, he’ll love being able to spin them again. For Christmas this year, help your dad relive his glory days and rediscover his favorite music with an up-to-date turntable. To make him feel loved and appreciated, listen to the records with him and ask him about concerts he went to back in the day.

2. Media Streaming Device

Bring Dad into the 21st century with the gift of instant entertainment. Media streaming sticks plug directly into the HDMI port on a TV and provide access to multiple streaming services. Your dad can play music, watch TV shows and movies, and get on-demand digital items with the push of a button. Instead of just telling him about new shows you think he’d like, put something under the tree he can use to watch them.

3. Smart Watch

If your dad is a huge techie, scratch his tech itch with something useful and wearable. A smart watch will do more than keep your dad punctual. He’ll be able to check the weather, get sports scores, and send and receive text messages. Go with a brand that’s compatible with his current smartphone so he can get the most out of his new accessory.

4. Fashion Watch

For any dad who is a little old school, a watch that’s less tech and more timepiece might make a better Christmas gift. An attractive watch is a great fashion accessory and it’s totally acceptable to own more than one. Find a watch design that matches your dad’s style to guarantee he can use it with every outfit.

5. Tablet

Tablets are becoming more affordable and can be more convenient than traditional laptop and desktop computers. They also make great gifts. Give Dad a tablet this year and he’ll be able to surf the internet, watch movies, and stay organized wherever he goes. If he already has a tablet, consider getting him a nice case and a screen protector to keep it in good shape for a long time.

6. Coffee Maker

For the dad who loves waking up with a nice roasted brew, a new coffee maker is a gift that he’s sure to appreciate. Whether it’s a standard drip, single-serve, or pour-over coffee maker, the convenience of a home brew machine is something he’ll love. Pair the machine with a bag of his favorite roast for a personal touch.

7. Outdoor Grill

It’s a tradition in many homes for Dad to be the official grill master. Help your dad enhance his grill game with a new outdoor grill or smoker. Everything tastes better when it’s cooked over an open flame. Whether your old man prefers a charcoal or gas setup, Christmas is a good time to prepare your dad for summer cookouts.


A fresh new fragrance might be just what your dad needs this Christmas. With cologne from you, your dad will be ready to impress at business meetings, fancy parties, and date nights. A new bottle of any fragrance your dad already wears is always a safe bet, but if he doesn’t have a go-to cologne, you can try getting him a new scent you think he’ll like instead.

9. Wallet

Wallets don’t last forever, and repeated daily use can be tough on them. Replace your dad’s wallet this Christmas with a new one that can hold everything he needs. When shopping, try to find a wallet that matches the style and thickness of the wallet your dad is currently using, whether that’s a bi-fold or tri-fold wallet or a simple money clip. To make sure his gift lasts a long time, get him a wallet made from genuine leather that can hold up to daily use.

10. Leather Travel Bag or Briefcase

A travel bag or briefcase is an excellent Christmas gift for any business man who travels a lot. This year, make your dad feel special by getting him a deluxe leather bag or case he can use on all his trips. Each time he uses this thoughtful gift, it will be like he’s taking a little piece of home on the road with him.

11. Camera

Whether or not they’re good at it, dads love to take pictures of their families. If your dad is always trying to capture memorable moments on his cell phone, get him a digital camera to take his love of photography to the next level. If you dad already has a good camera, then get him an accessory like a tripod, travel case, SD card, or new lens.

12. Tool Set

If your dad is the stereotypical Mr. Fix It, put a full set of tools under his tree this Christmas. For fixing up the house and tinkering in the garage, get him a set that includes everyday tools like hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers. For tough jobs, consider getting him a power tool, such as a drill with a box full of different bits.

13. Coffee Mug

A humorous or thoughtful coffee mug is a classic way to show your dad how much he means to you. Mugs are especially great gifts if you’re on a tight budget this Christmas. Whether the mug is printed with a joke, a funny picture, or just the timeless “#1 Dad,” it will brighten his workday each time he goes for a cup of joe.

14. Grooming Kit

Another gift idea for the dad who’s constantly on the go, a grooming kit can ensure he always looks his best after long flights. If your dad is a business man who travels for work, a grooming kit can help him step off the plane and into important business meetings without skipping a beat. If he just travels for fun, then a travel-size grooming kit is perfect for keeping track of his toiletries and essentials.

15. Decoration for His Man Cave

This Christmas, help your dad bring a little cheer to his man cave with a sports banner, some framed memorabilia, or a piece of wall art. To make sure you pick something he’ll like, try to find a decoration that fits in with the theme of your dad’s cave. Whatever you get him, it will feel especially significant because it came from someone he loves. For inspiration, check out this guide about man cave decor.