Buying Ceiling Fans for Your Living Room

Glamorous chandelier ceiling fan in a living room
Keep the air fresh throughout your home when you buy ceiling fans for your living room. Whether you want lighted ceiling fan styles for easy elegance or remote ceiling fans for convenience, these suggestions can help you buy ceiling fans that complement your home and provide adequate air flow throughout the years. Read on for tips on buying ceiling fans for your living room.

Glamorous chandelier ceiling fan in a living room

Buying a Ceiling Fan:


Buy ceiling fans that work with your ceiling height.

Indoor ceiling fans need to be hung higher than 7 feet above the floor, which means that you’ll need a ceiling at least 8 feet high. If you have a low ceiling, you’ll want to buy hugger ceiling fans, which sit close to the ceiling. During the summer and winter, indoor ceiling fans that can be lowered with a down-rod are especially effective, as they can circulate both cool and warm air at a faster rate in your home. Many contemporary ceiling fans allow you to reverse the airflow in the winter to move warm air from the ceiling downward.

Find ceiling fans that fit the room size well.

The best ceiling fans will circulate air efficiently through your entire living room, but even these won’t work as well if they’re too small for the area. Buy home ceiling fans that have large blade spans, at least 34 inches, to cool a large living room. If you have a long living room that exceeds 300 square feet, you may want to buy two home ceiling fans to increase the air circulation and avoid wearing out your original ceiling fan. Make sure to buy remote ceiling fans for large rooms, too, so you can easily turn off your fans without walking through the area.

Look for ceiling fans that complement the room’s style.

Though contemporary ceiling fans are designed to be sleek and unobtrusive, you’ll still want to find fans that feature finishes you like and colors that match your decor. Brushed nickel ceiling fans add a classic touch to your living room and go with both vintage and modern pieces. You can also hang brushed nickel ceiling fans in a living room that features old-fashioned furniture and antique accessories. If you want to buy ceiling fans that won’t interfere with your style or add bulk to a cluttered room, look for hugger ceiling fans in black or white. The best ceiling fans will be placed high enough to be out of the way but low enough to create plenty of air flow in your living room.

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