Best Christmas Toys for Girls in 2018

Best Christmas Toys for Girls in 2017
Whether you're shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for your daughter, granddaughter, or niece, you'll want to give her something that will provide hours of fun and spark her imagination. While you're shopping this year, be sure to add a few of these top toys for girls to your list.

Best Christmas Toys for Girls in 2017

1. Baby Dolls

Baby dolls are beneficial for young children because it gives them opportunities to develop cognitive and fine motor skills through pretend play and dressing the doll. Preschoolers delight in caring for a baby doll by feeding them and changing their diapers. Girls aged 5 to 9 years will enjoy dressing and accessorizing their dolls.

2. Dollhouses

Find the right home for your daughter’s favorite dollies, whether they are fashion dolls or princesses in need of a castle. Dollhouses engage children in imaginary play for hours as they create the perfect make-believe stories. This valuable imaginary interaction helps your daughter develop social, emotional, and intellectual skills.

3. Play Kitchens

Play kitchens and pretend food provides hours of imaginative play and make great Christmas gifts for girls aged 2 to 9 years old. In addition to being fun, play kitchens also teach little ones useful skills, like sharing with others, working as a team, and keeping things organized. If you already own a play kitchen, consider buying a few accessories like a cash register and a shopping cart to expand your daughter’s pretend play experience.

4. Riding Toys

Riding toys provide entertainment for kids of all ages while also improving mobility and encouraging independent play. For grade school ages, look for ride-on toys like a tricycle, balance bike, scooter, or plasma car. For tweens and teens that love to go the distance, opt for a metal scooter, bike, skateboard, or electric scooter.

5. Jewelry Making Kits

Doing crafts helps kids work on their fine motor skills and aids in developing their self-esteem. Craft kits make it easier for young girls learn a new skill and complete a whole project. For girls 8 years or older, a jewelry making kit will bring hours of delight. These kits have all the pieces needed to weave bracelets or create necklaces and other accessories to wear or trade with friends.

6. Musical Instruments

Enjoying music is a simple pleasure that kids never outgrow, and children young and old love to create sound and music. When children play with musical instruments, they develop valuable cognitive and physical skills such as concentration abilities, coordination and memory capacity. For younger children, choose a musical instrument toy set with items that are easy for them to hold like small maracas or a xylophone with a mallet for playing. For older children, let them explore instruments like guitars and pianos to find the instrument in which they’re most interested.

7. Stuffed Toys

Children of all ages love the comfort of a teddy bear or plush rabbit. Stuffed toys are also used for imaginary play. Select from a variety of characters, dragons, animals, dolls, or cars. Older children, especially animal lovers, will appreciate an exotic mammal like a sloth or anteater to add to their stuffed toy collection.

8. Costumes

All children like to imagine they are someone else, and dress ups and costumes help little ones bring their imaginations to life. From a superhero to the queen of the castle, children can be anyone they wish while they play dress up. This activity and pretend play isn’t just fun, it’s also important in helping them build up their confidence while practicing creative thinking skills.

9. Educational Toys

Educational toys strengthen specific learning areas such as reading, math, and science. Learning toys for preschoolers promote mental development, so look for a stack and nest toy cup set or a simple shape puzzle. Older school-aged kids will love any variety of scholaraly toys from science kits and building models to a learning toy laptop. Educational and science toys teach children the basic foundations of knowledge that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

10. Electronic Toys

Young girls dream of the day they can have their own cell phone, laptop, and camera. Kids’ electronic toys can give them a kid-friendly experience with electronic devices before they get the real thing. Handheld games, robotic toys, and music-making toys are also electronic toys that will give the girls on your list hours of entertainment.

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