Best Christmas Toys for Toddlers in 2018

Best Christmas Toys for Toddlers in 2017
For toddlers, playtime is all about having fun, but it also helps them learn essential life skills. This Christmas, give your toddler something they'll love that also encourages cognitive development. Check out the following list for ideas.

Best Christmas Toys for Toddlers in 2017


Playing with puzzles is a fun way for your child to develop their body and mind. By holding puzzle pieces and turning them until they fit, your child develops physical and cognitive skills to solve problems. The best puzzles for your toddler are simple jigsaw puzzles with easy-to-grasp pieces that coordinate with matching pictures.

Toy Vehicles

Toy vehicles provide kids with a mobile aspect of play that’s fascinating. Toddlers are drawn to anything with wheels or that moves on its own. There are plenty of vehicle options, from trucks that help with digging to cars that transport dolls, so you’re sure to find one that your tot will love. Just avoid cars that have small or loose parts that could be a choking hazard.

Art Easels

Save your walls from crayon scribbles and give your children an approved outlet for artistic expression with an easel. While drawing at a table is easy and efficient, an art easel offers the added benefit of a large canvas that clips into place. Kids don’t have to worry about their picture sliding around, and you don’t have to worry about them “accidentally” drawing where they shouldn’t. Select an easel with a handy shelf that keeps all their art supplies within reach.

Push Toys

Toys that toddlers can push, pull, and ride on boost balance, improve coordination, and encourage active play. Look for toys that your toddler can ride on by themselves that also have a handle for you to push when their little legs get tired. For toddlers who are still learning to walk, something they can push or ride lets them practice both skills.

Shape Sorters

Shape sorters are challenging yet fun for toddlers. They help kids learn to categorize by identifying shapes and looking for the matching space. Shape sorters also promote fine motor development and problem-solving skills. You can choose a toy with only four basic shapes to sort or one with more shapes for even more variety.

Toy Kitchens

A play kitchen is a great addition to any home toy collection. Not only do they offer hours of imaginative play for your toddler, but they also promote learning. Parents who play alongside their children can help them identify basic foods, colors, and dishes. Your toddler will enjoy making pretend meals, washing dishes, and putting away food in their toy kitchen.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are popular toddler toys that provide an early lesson in the laws of physics. Your kids can learn about gravity, cause and effect, and the importance of a stable foundation without even realizing it. Blocks are a smart buy for young ones since kids typically maintain interest even as they get older. Start with a set of wooden blocks or big plastic ones that interlock. Both are a good size for toddlers who are still mastering fine motor skills.


Playhouses are the perfect catalysts for pretend play, whether your toddler is playing alone or with friends. They can resemble imaginative structures, like a Victorian home, a castle, or a teepee, and some feature fold-and-collapse designs for easy storage. Keep in mind where you will set up the playhouse so you can choose one that fits best in your space.


Storytime is a beloved activity for many young children. Listening to stories and looking at pictures can be mesmerizing for little ones and is a time-honored bedtime tradition. Read books to your toddlers while they’re young to help them develop a love of reading in the future. Board books are a must for younger toddlers who are still learning to be gentle with books.

Musical Toys

Toddlers love to make noise, and with musical toys they can do it in style. Music has amazing educational benefits: cognitive development, memory, and even emotional well-being. Help your child develop a natural rhythm with maracas, drum sticks, or tambourines. A xylophone or piano gives them the freedom to be creative with melodies.


Spark your toddler’s imagination with a home for their little doll family. Your kids will love arranging the furniture, reenacting storylines from their favorite movies, and creating stories of their own. A miniature toy house is full of possibilities that help them learn skills like organization, problem solving, and language development.

Baby Dolls

Pretend play is a great way for your toddler to comprehend the world around them. Not only is a baby doll essential for playing house, but it also allows your child to take a turn at being a parent. A baby doll for a toddler should have a soft, plush body or be entirely made of cloth so it’s durable and easy to wash.


Toy tools are fun additions to your pretend play collection. Your toddler will feel like they’re helping out at home when they fix the dining chairs with a screwdriver or put the bookshelf together with a hammer. Help your child immerse them self in the fix-it world with a full set of toy tools, plus goggles and a hard hat.


Introduce your toddler to reading with bright, colorful toy letters. Toy letters help young ones learn colors, the alphabet, and eventually how to create words. They come in a variety of mediums, allowing your toddler to play and learn anywhere from the fridge in the kitchen to the wall of the bathtub.

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