Best Sectional Sofas & Couches for Small Spaces

When you want your living room to have plenty of comfy seating, a sectional is the perfect piece of furniture. A sectional couch is a couch that is broken into different seating segments that can come apart. They're also made to seat more people than a traditional couch. In small spaces, the right sectional sofa will add to the organization and flow of your living room. Before you buy a sectional, think about how much seating you need, measure your space, and consider how the sectional will fit with the rest of your living room decor.

Sectionals for Small Spaces:

Three-Piece Sectional Sofas

A three-piece sectional sofa offers seating for up to five people and often consists of a loveseat and a chair or chaise. A three-piece sectional allows plenty of seating while not overfilling your small space. This means you have more room to place other living room essentials like side tables, lamps, and a coffee table. If you are shopping online, check product descriptions to determine how many pieces are part of the set.

Reversible Sectional Sofas

The versatility of a reversible sectional sofa makes it the perfect seating for a small living room. This sofa style has the ability to change configuration, which is one reason it remains so popular. If you need a little more room, like to rearrange furniture, or want to customize your sectional to a new home, just switch the lounge from one side of the sectional to the other. This makes it easy to add plenty of well-designed seating to your living room without overcrowding it.

Sleeper Sectional Sofas

Sometimes when you live in a small space, you need furniture to do double duty. A sleeper sectional sofa has a bed that folds up underneath the sofa cushions and can be used as a bed or a couch interchangeably. Sleeper sectionals can come in handy if you’re living in a studio and need your couch to double as a bed or if you need extra sleeping space for guests.

Couches for Small Spaces

Convertible Couches

Living in a small space means getting the most out of every piece of furniture in your home. Sleeper sofas easily convert from a couch into a bed to help save space. Convertible couches are great for accommodating guests who want to spend the night, and they also come in a range of designs and upholsteries to suit your home decor style.


If a traditional sofa is too large for your living space, a loveseat is another good option. While most couches are made to seat three people or more, loveseats have a smaller design that only seats two. While a loveseat may provide less seating for you and your guests, the compact design gives you a lot of extra space for  single chairs, stools, or poufs whenever you need them.


Reclining armchairs are the most space-conscious couch you can buy because they only seat one person at a time, making them an excellent choice for small rooms. Two armchairs take up less space than a traditional sofa, and recliners often have footrests that fold out easily and can be concealed to save space.

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