5 Coolest Remote Control Toys for Kids for Christmas 2018

5 Coolest Remote Control Toys for Kids for Christmas 2017
Whether you're looking for a basic design for a child's first RC truck or a powerful drone for flying around the neighborhood, there's a wide variety of options suitable for any child. The best RC toys for your child should have controls that are easy for them to handle and a durable construction to hold up to plenty of playing. Here are the top RC toys to consider for your child this christmas.

5 Coolest Remote Control Toys for Kids for Christmas 2017

1. Kids’ RC Drones & Quadcopters

Drones hit the mainstream scene in 2014 and have steadily increased in popularity since. The quadcopter is a popular type of drone that is propelled by four small rotors, increasing its stability and making it easier to fly. When equipped with a camera, a drone allows a unique bird’s-eye perspective for relatively little cost.

2. Kids’ RC Planes & Helicopters

When you’re shopping for remote control planes and helicopters, keep the age of the recipients in mind. These toys require different levels of skill, so the younger the person you’re giving it to, the simpler the controls need to be. It’s also a good idea to look for one that has quality construction as even experienced RC pilots may run into things now and then.

3. Kids’ RC Cars & Trucks

Whether you’re looking for a basic design for a child’s first RC truck or a powerful car for a seasoned RC driver, there’s a wide variety of options. If the vehicle will be driven off-road, consider an RC truck with larger, sturdier wheels to handle the terrain; or choose a car with a sleek design for racing around the neighborhood or park.

4. Kids’ RC Boats & Submarines

Bring the fun of remote control toys to the water with remote control boats and submarines. These aquatic toys can turn any bathtub, pool, or pond into a water raceway. Just like RC cars, these toys have simple controls that let you control the steering safely from the water’s edge, so you can stay nice and dry.

5. Kids’ RC Robots

The future is in your hands with these remote controlled robots. RC robots come in a wide variety of styles, so you can find a robot suitable for any child. High-tech robot pets that can respond to voice commands are a great way to introduce a child to the responsibility of a real pet, and battling robot duos with impressive fighting moves will provide hours of competitive entertainment for multiple children.

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