Best Reasons to Shop for Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Cubic zirconia ring
Cubic zirconia engagement rings are growing in popularity as beautiful and affordable alternatives to diamonds. Lab-created cubic zirconia gemstones, or CZs, provide a fire and brilliance that sparkle just like diamonds so there is no perceptible difference to the naked eye. If you want a ring that celebrates your love as well as being conflict-free, environmentally friendly, and attainable, then a cubic zirconia ring is a good choice for you. Look at these and other reasons why more and more buyers are choosing cubic zirconia wedding jewelry.

Cubic zirconia ring
cubic zirconia ring

Choose CZ Stones for Brilliance

CZ engagement rings emit a fiery sparkle emanating from clear, flawless stones. Choose settings in precious metals, including gold and sterling silver, for the same timeless beauty found in diamond engagement rings. Choose cubic zirconia for quality craftsmanship and beautifully clear stones without the inclusions often found in natural gemstones.

Lab-created cubic zirconia has been available for decades, and its popularity continues to soar as savvy buyers discover the beauty and quality in these glittery, perfectly-cut synthetic stones. Not a matter of chance but a matter of choice, watch CZ beauty and brilliance make her smile as the light catches the stones with her every move.

cubic zirconia ring

Choose from Many Style Combinations

Express your unique engagement with engagement rings that combine brilliant cubic zirconia with real diamonds, and even choose two-tone settings. Put a ring on her finger that catches the light from all directions with breath-taking clarity. Semi-mount settings let you choose the perfect center stone to finish your one-of-a-kind diamond and cubic zirconia engagement ring.

cubic zirconia ring

Shop Opulent Color Options

Cubic zirconia comes in many opulent colors, sizes, and shapes that let you select the perfect statement piece for your engagement jewelry. Choose simple, classic solitaire settings or designer-inspired, breath-taking CZ wedding ring sets with multiple stones. Brilliant round, princess, emerald, and marquise cuts are found in all sizes and settings. Choose a color and cut that reflects your heritage as well as your future.

cubic zirconia ring

Satisfy Your Ethical Principles

With a higher level of mainstream ethical and ecological consciousness, buyers now increasingly prefer CZ wedding jewelry, from engagement rings to wedding sets. Innovative thinking protects natural resources and provides sustainable employment in creating synthetic gemstones.

As couples choose green alternatives for helping save the planet, cubic zirconia synthetic gemstones make a bold position statement. Choose a cubic zirconia ring to satisfy your social conscience as well as your refined fashion sense.

cubic zirconia ring

Protect Your Investment

Real diamond solitaire engagement rings and wedding sets can easily cost thousands of dollars, which may make wearing them while traveling difficult. Exquisite CZ alternatives provide a safe and practical way to protect your jewelry investments. No one can tell the difference unless you tell them.

cubic zirconia ring


With selection and care, you can give a cubic zirconia engagement ring that is of heirloom quality for a fraction of the cost of a diamond of the same size and setting. Flawless diamonds are rare, especially as they increase in size and cost, but CZs are perfect at any size and in any cut. Additionally, they are very affordable.

You can afford more intricate settings and larger stones when you choose cubic zirconia over diamonds harvested in expensive mining operations. CZs cost less to produce and get to the marketplace, and you reap the savings without sacrificing beauty.

cubic zirconia ring

Accessorize with CZ Wedding Jewelry

Even if you aren’t getting married, you can still treat yourself to a gorgeous cubic zirconia ring to wear as costume jewelry. Prices are so affordable that you can choose more than one. Wear your CZ on the right hand as a beautiful statement piece or on the left hand to enjoy a single girls’-night-out.

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