Best Places to Hang Mini Chandeliers

Best Places to Hang Mini Chandeliers

best places to hang mini chandeliers
A glistening chandelier can add that little extra something to your home decor, but you don't need to go big to make a huge style statement. Mini chandeliers, sometimes called chandelettes, work well in a variety of settings and are a popular alternative to large, traditional chandeliers. Think of a mini chandelier as piece of jewelry for your home - a little can go a long way. If you're not sure where you would use one, try hanging a mini chandelier in one of these places

best places to hang mini chandeliers

Where to Lighten Up:


Over Matching End Tables:

Two coordinating mini chandeliers over matching, or mismatched, end tables can lend some extra style to your living space. For a cohesive look, choose a chandelier that matches the overall feel of the room, like a Tiffany-style fixture hung above traditional carved wooden tables. Juxtaposition can work, too; think a sleek and modern steel fixture paired with rustic reclaimed wood furniture.


Above a Kitchen Island:

The kitchen may be the hardest working room in your house, but that doesn’t mean it needs to look utilitarian. Try using mini chandeliers in place of pendants for unexpected elegance above a kitchen island. Choose a style you love and hang them side by side to add some flavor to your kitchen decor.


Over Double Beds in a Shared Room:

Shared rooms present a unique design challenge and may incite territorial squabbles. If space constraints mean your kids need to share a room, let them each pick out a mini chandelier to hang over their bed; it’s a small update that can help each side of the room feel personalized and distinct.


In a Dorm Room:

Known for their stark white walls, bland furniture, and cookie-cutter layout, dorm rooms are usually in desperate need of a personal touch. If you’re a new dorm-dweller, find a chandelier that speaks to your personality and hang it with pride over your extra-long twin-size bed.


As a Centerpiece:

A low-hanging mini chandelier can be a striking alternative to a centerpiece on a dining room table. The fixture should hang low enough to be read as a decorative accent, but not so low as to interfere with table settings or dining. For added impact, try clustering two or three chandeliers together at varying heights over the table.


From a Patio:

Chandeliers aren’t just for indoors. Try mini chandeliers as an alternative, or in addition, to string lights on your patio. Be sure to pick an option suitable for outdoor use, as lights that are certified for outdoor use are specifically made to withstand cold and wet conditions.


Above a Bathroom Vanity:

A glittery chandelier hung above a bathroom vanity can turn your everyday beauty routine into something glamorous. Use warm, incandescent bulbs in your chandelier for the most flattering lighting.


In a Reading Room:

Why not shed some light on the subject? Create your own reading nook by hanging a mini chandelier over your favorite reading chair. Choose a fixture with a dimmer for just the right amount of illumination at every time of day.