Best Places for Outdoor Planters

Pink flowers in a planter box
Outdoor hanging planters make any outdoor space more beautiful, and planters allow you to have more plant variety in your yard, since some plants grow better in planters than in the ground. You can place pots and planters anywhere in your yard, but you'll want to pay attention to whether your plants are sun or shade plants, as well as where the pots will look best. Here are some ideas about places for outdoor planters to help you beautify your yard.

Pink flowers in a planter box

Places for Planters:

Patios and Decks

Turn your outdoor space into an oasis with planters. Whether on your deck or patio, a few planters set around the perimeter can really transform the space. Work with styles in different heights and shapes to create visual variety. If you have a large open space, you can use your plants as dividers to visually create smaller, more intimate sections. Planters also allow you to bring exotic plants that don’t normally grow in your climate to your backyard.

Front Porch

Greet guests with beautiful flowers by placing a few pots on your front porch and steps. Pay attention to how much space you have to make sure you don’t over or under fill your front porch with plants and flowers, though. Pots that are too large can make it difficult to maneuver around to reach your front door, and pots that are too small can easily get lost. If you’re uncertain about how large or small to go, try a trio of small- to medium-size planters that can be moved around to best suit the space.

Window Frames

Use window boxes to enjoy flowers from both inside and outside your home. You can fill them with bright flowers or with a small herb garden. Unless your windows are heavily shaded, you’ll want to look for full-sun or partial-shade plants to keep your window-box gardens healthy and beautiful. Many window boxes are designed to hang on railings, so you can add flowers to your deck or balcony.


Use planters to add variety to either your vegetable or flower garden. Some varieties do better in smaller spaces, like pots, and others need to be taken inside during the winter. Using planters in your garden also creates a very nice visual aspect by adding varying heights to your design. You can incorporate pots and planters into your garden landscape by placing them amid the other plants or along the edges.


Hanging planters create striking flower displays in any yard. Hang them from branches, garden hooks, or the roofline of a covered patio or porch. For the best plantings, choose flowers that are specifically for hanging planters: Trailing varieties of flowers and greenery really add to the beauty of a hanging design.

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