Best Personalized Jewelry Gifts for Christmas 2018

A customized personal look is a jewelry trend stylish enough to stand the test of time. When it comes to gift giving, simple and personal details go a long way. From birthstones to monograms, there are many options available when you want your gift to speak to the person on your list. We've handpicked the best personalized jewelry gifts to make shopping for the fashion-forward person on your list easy this holiday season.

Top Personalized Jewelry Gifts

Birthstone Jewelry

For the person who likes the look of gemstones, birthstone jewelry offers sparkle that tells a story. Birthstones coincide with certain months of the year and are supposed to represent the character traits of the person born during that month. Some months have multiple birthstones, so there is a wide range of options when it comes to color and price.

Name Necklaces

Name necklaces are making a major comeback this year as a personal and unique fashion statement. Script-style necklaces are great for everyday wear while an engraved pendant looks classic and beautiful for more upscale occasions. Whether your giftee likes bold or subdued jewelry, there are countless ways to wear name necklaces.

Initial Necklaces

If you want something more subtle than a name necklace, monogrammed or initial jewelry is a toned down alternative that still offers a personal twist. Choose a single-initial necklace or bracelet that can stand out on its own. Delicate rings and stud earrings are also beautiful options.

Charm Jewelry

Charm jewelry is fun for kids, and now delicate and interesting versions are emerging to make beautiful statements in the adult fashion world. Go beyond the name and get personal with charms that represent things your giftee loves. There are charms for everything from food and animals to numbers and hobbies.

Stackable Jewelry

Choose stackable bracelets and layering options to get creative with initials and monogram jewelry gifts. Choose bangles with different letters to make a personalized monogram set, or layer necklaces with names and sayings to create a custom look. You can even choose numbers to represent a special date. For a unique look, consider mixing metals when giving layered or stackable sets.

Inspirational Jewelry

Everyone needs inspiration from time to time, and accessorizing with inspirational jewelry is a fun way to do it. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings engraved with memorable quotes create a stylish look that is unique and uplifting. From encouraging messages to favorite expressions, you can find the perfect statement to inspire your loved one this Christmas.

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