Best Pearl Jewelry Gifts for June Birthdays

Best Pearl Jewelry Gifts for June Birthdays

Simple, natural, and classically beautiful – pearls make the perfect jewelry gift. These recommendations will help you buy pearl jewelry that your loved ones will appreciate for years to come.

Did you know June’s birthstone is the pearl? The love of pearls has a long history; ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite, the goddess of love, when she was born from the sea. Ancient Arabs believed that pearls were formed when oysters swallowed moonlit dewdrops after being drawn from the ocean by the beautiful moon. Natural pearls are actually formed when an irritant lodges itself in an oyster, mussel, or clam. A protective substance, called nacre, is then produced to cover the irritant. To learn more about the origins of these treasured gems, read our Pearl Buying Guide. When you’re buying pearl jewelry for a friend or loved one who has a June birthday, consider these ideas.

Pearl Jewelry Gifts:


Introduce a girl or young teenager to pearls with an elegant pendant. The design features one large pearl set in a gold bail and chain, sometimes accented with a diamond. A pearl pendant is a versatile piece of jewelry that a young lady can wear for years. A full strand is the classic pearl necklace for women and older teenagers. Choose a necklace with two or three strands for the woman who prefers classically tailored fashions, such as suits and dresses. The woman who has a dramatic sense of style goes for the extra-long rope necklaces (37 inches and longer), to be wrapped and layered according to her whims.


Choose white pearl studs for the birthday girl who may not yet own a pair. If she likely has a white pair, consider gold, brown, grey, or black pearls; pearl stud earrings are available in a large variety of colors and sizes. Some women prefer dangling pearl earrings, so if you’ve noticed the gift recipient wears long earrings, look for a pair with oval or teardrop pearls that dangle below the earlobe.


The most innovative designs in pearl jewelry are often found in bracelets, and the designs are nice gifts for anyone who seeks originality in her fashions. Look at handcrafted bracelets to find the right mix of fashion and creativity. If you want a more traditional, and spectacular, gift, choose a pearl bracelet with two or more strands of white pearls and a sparkling diamond-studded clasp.

Men’s Accessories

Although men’s jewelry doesn’t feature many pearls, some of it has mother-of-pearl decoration, a suitable alternative to the June birthstone. Look for inlaid mother-of-pearl accents on men’s rings, cuff links, and pendants. Men’s watches, especially the dressier designs, often have shimmering mother-of-pearl dials, so they also make nice gifts for the guy with a June birthday.