Gifts for Mothers of the Bride

Gifts for Mothers of the Bride

The mother of the bride's job doesn't end after the wedding. From being there for first words to saying, "I do," she's been supportive and caring all the way. For all her work, she deserves something special for helping with the big day, too. For all her work, get the mother of the bride something thoughtful that she can enjoy long after the nuptials.

Jewelry or a Jewelry Box

Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with pearls are classic gifts for the bride’s mother. You can also find pieces with gemstones that match your wedding colors. If you give the bride’s mom jewelry, do so before the wedding so she can wear it for the festivities. If she has a lot of jewelry already, consider getting her a jewelry box or jewelry armoire.

Spa Day or Bath Kits

After all the work she’s put into the wedding, the mother of the bride might be feeling emotional and a little stressed. Show her you care by giving her a spa basket full of bath and beauty products. Bath bombs, foot masks, or other soothing self-care items may be exactly what she needs. Choose products with botanicals, like relaxing lavender or bright citrus.

Unique Kitchen Accessories, Dinnerware & Barware

If the bride’s mother is the cooking or hosting type, give her a new set of cookware, kitchen gadgets, or other culinary tools. With all her growing family and new in-laws around, she might want an excuse to throw a dinner party. Coffee accessories, small appliances, and dinnerware are gifts she can use to share her cooking talents with her new extended family.

Personalized Gifts

When looking for a gift for the mother of the bride, a little personalization goes a long way. You can find options for monogramming anything from bags to bathrobes. Personalized cutting boards and photo frames are good keepsakes she can enjoy for years to come.

Home Decor & Prints

Her home is her sanctuary, so help her decorate it. Pay attention to her current decor style. Does she like homey rustic touches, classic elegance, or somewhere in between? Little gifts like accent lights, art, or prints from the wedding day are exciting gifts she can use to decorate her home.

Handbags or Purses

There’s no such thing as having too many handbags, so get the bride’s mother a stylish new purse she’ll love. Clutches, slings, and other types of bags are also good options. Pay attention to the type of bag she carries now to get ideas for her next gift.

New Bathrobe or Pajamas

Cozy pajamas or a new bathrobe will help mom relax, especially after the wedding is over. If the nuptials are in winter, give her fluffy terry cloth or soft flannel to keep her warm. During summer, linen or silk robes are best for keeping her comfy and cool. Whether it’s for sleeping or winding down after a long day, give her a gift that encourages relaxation.


A new fragrance or perfume is an elegant gift any mother of the bride would enjoy. It’s also a gift she can use daily or reserve for special occasions. If she doesn’t already have a signature scent, find one that matches her personality. Many high-end fragrances come in beautiful packaging she can appreciate for years.