The Best Home Office Desks for Ultimate Productivity
Three wooden office desks displayed on white platforms.

9 Productivity Boosting Home Office Desks

1. Computer Desk

Designed with computers in mind, these desks have room for all your electronic necessities. A computer desk gives you plenty of desktop space for monitors, a designated keyboard tray for optimal comfort when typing, and a specified shelf for a computer tower. If you primarily work on a computer, a computer desk is the perfect fit for your home office.

Gray writing desk, styled in a home office.

2. Writing Desk

As a writer, you need space to spread out and gather inspiration. Your writing desk should be more than a functional furniture piece, but also something that sparks creativity. Look for a style that catches your eye and coordinates with your home office decor. Writing desks come in a wide range of sizes with various features like drawers and shelves. Before choosing your desk, consider how you’ll use it, so you can select the perfect model to meet your needs.

White lift-top desk for a home office.

3. Standing Desk

A standing desk is a healthy option for any line of work. Along with the numerous health benefits, a standing desk also helps boost energy and increase productivity. But you don’t have to resign yourself to standing all day. Look for an adjustable-height desk so you have the option to sit down. Alternatively, a monitor riser turns any desk into a standing desk by providing a desktop platform that raises your work station.

Black corner desk for the home office.

4. Corner Desk

For a home office with limited space or an office space incorporated into another room, a corner desk is the perfect option. It tucks neatly into a corner, taking up minimal space, while still providing an ample desktop. Corner desks are a great option for a home-command center since they can be seamlessly integrated into a living room or kitchen. Many corner desks don’t have space for drawers, so if you need extra storage, choose one with lower shelves.

Black L-Shaped Desk for Home Office

5. L-Shaped Desk

In a job that requires frequent multitasking, you need plenty of desk space to move from one project to the next and maintain organization. An L-shaped desk gives you the space flexibility that you need with an extra wing. Set up your computer on one side and leave the other side open for incoming projects or client meetings. L-shaped desks require a lot of space. Measure carefully before selecting your desk to make sure it will comfortably fit in the room.

Gray secretary Desk

6. Secretary Desk

A secretary desk is more than surface to do work. The stylish design looks just as fitting in a bedroom or entryway as it does in a home office. Opt for this desk if you’re looking for a multifunctional piece that can be used as a desk or entryway table. These desks typically have additional storage attached to the desktop and are best for people who require minimal work space.

Black and gray adjustable desk.

7. Ergonomic Desk

An ergonomic desk lets you customize its height and positioning, so you can maintain complete comfort while you work and avoid back and neck pain. When adjusting your desk, you should have enough room underneath the desk for your feet to sit flat on the floor without your legs touching the desk. If your feet don’t reach the floor, you need to adjust the height of the desk and your chair so that they do. Make sure that your elbows bend at a 90-degree angle while working and your wrists rest comfortably at a downward angle. Pair your ergonomic desk with an ergonomic chair for the complete experience. Read our guide on How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair for tips.

Black executive desk with matching bookcases

8. Executive Desk

Classified by its size and vast drawer storage, executive desks are a distinguished option for more than just executives. The drawers in an executive desk work well for file storage and, in many cases, can replace a filing cabinet entirely. They fit best in a large home office. Measure the space to ensure there is plenty of room to maneuver around the desk comfortably. The professional style coordinates well with a traditionally decorated office. Pair it with matching bookcases and leather club chairs for a sleek room design.

Black adjustable drafting table

9. Drafting Table

For artists, architects, and engineers, a drafting table is a home office necessity. With an adjustable top and wide surface area, you can comfortably work on any art project. With ergonomic features, like the tilt of the tabletop, you can comfortably work on large projects. Opt for a drafting table that allows you to adjust the height, so you can sit or stand depending on the project. With a variety of decorative options, you can find one that coordinates with your office decor.

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