Best Christmas Gifts for Tweens and Teenage Girls & Boys in 2018

Best Christmas Gifts for Tweens and Teenage Girls & Boys in 2017
Buying gifts for tweens is fun because at this stage their interests are deepening, growing, and changing. We've created a list of the best Christmas ideas for tweens and teen girls and boys to help you get started. From trendy accessories to awesome toys and games, your tween will be thrilled to receive one or more of these gifts under the tree this year.

Best Christmas Gifts for Tweens and Teenage Girls & Boys in 2017

1. Instant Cameras

Memories are just a snap shot away with a colorful and compact instant film camera. Your tween or teenage child will have oodles of fun creating instant images when they capture their favorite moments. This camera is easy to use and prints out instant pictures that they can give to friends, pin on their wall, or put into a scrapbook.

2. Tablets

Gifting a tablet to tweens will allow them the freedom to check emails, surf the web, watch movies, and read books all in the palm of their hand. Before wrapping up his or her new tablet, download favorite apps, songs, and shows. They will be thrilled with the responsibility of owning their own device.

3. Headphones

Tweens love to listen to music. Gift them headphones so they can listen to their tunes as loud as they like without disturbing those around them. Because tweens are still growing, opt for adjustable headphones that will always provide a comfortable, customized fit.

4. Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless speakers let your tweens and teens stream music from Bluetooth-compatible devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and computers. They’ll love the freedom of listening to their favorite tunes as they entertain friends in their room, the basement, or the backyard.

5. Karaoke Machines

A karaoke machine is entertaining and provides hours of singing fun for tweens and all their friends. Look for a karaoke machine that offers a built-in screen or TV hookups for a convenient way to read the words. Soon enough, your tween will be belting out tunes just like his or her favorite recording artists.

6. Video Games

Playing video games is a way for teenagers and tweens to escape, relax, and entertain themselves. New games are released every month, so now is the perfect time to surprise them with the latest and greatest from the gamer world.

7. Craft Kits

Watch your tweens talent and confidence grow as they master a craft kit. These kits teach them how to start and finish creative projects like making friendship bracelets, model kits, or tie-dyeing T-shirts. Choose a kit that best fits your tween’s interests.

8. Science Kits

Education is fun with science kits and chemistry sets. Choose from a variety of kits to find one that matches up with your tween’s interests. No matter which kit you choose, it will be a unique gift that offers exciting hands-on learning.

9. Sewing Machines

Teach your tween the joy of a creative hobby with a sewing machine. Sewing is fun and rewarding. Your tween will need a basic machine that is kid-friendly. Look for a beginner model with features like a simple dial for selecting the stitch, a free-arm for sewing hems, and a needle that’s easy to thread.

10. Remote Control Helicopters

A great gift for tweens, remote control helicopters are loads of fun and are unlike any other gift under the tree. Watch your tween’s excitement soar as they learn to fly their helicopter and control its destination. A remote control helicopter toy is the best choice for this age; they are easy to fly, don’t require maintenance, and have easy-to-use controls.

11. Roller Blades

Inline skates are the perfect Christmas gift for your active tween. They’ll enjoy spending time outside while blading around the neighborhood with friends. When buying skates, look for a model that offers adjustable sizes. That way they’ll be able to use them for years to come.

12. Skateboards

Whether your tween is swooping down half pipes or just beginning to ride, skateboards are a fun and effective way to get from point A to point B. Not only does a skateboard get your child outside, but it also helps keep their fitness levels up. Don’t forget to add a helmet to the gift.

13. Scooters

Scooters are a must-have item for your child to get around and enjoy the fresh air. They’re also a fun and active way for them to get exercise and hang out with their friends. Kick scooters, electric scooters, and balance scooters each have their own benefits. Decide which type of scooter will best fit your tween’s needs, and watch them light up with excitement as they ride the day away.

14. Personalized Jewelry

Your tween will feel extra special when they open up a personalized jewelry gift just for them. Tween and teen girls especially appreciate the finer things that add a little sparkle and personality to their outfits. Consider birthstone jewelry, a charm bracelet, or a necklace with their initials.

15. Crossbody Bags

A crossbody bag is a must-have accessory for your tween. They’ll love having a stylish way to keep special items right at their fingertips when they are on the go. When choosing a bag, consider choosing one that features their favorite color or a pattern that reflects his or her style.

16. Wallets

Tweens are learning to be more independent, responsible, and organized. A wallet will help them keep their money, library card, and student ID in a safe place. Look for a wallet that will give them enough room for their cards and cash as well as a section for loose change.

17. Fragrances

The excitement and responsibility that comes with receiving your first fragrance is unforgettable. If you feel that your son or daughter is ready, choose a scent that best suits his or her unique personality. Body spray is the lighter version of cologne, which is the perfect answer to get your son smelling clean but not overly fragrant.

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