Best Electronic Stocking Stuffers for 2018

Best Electronic Stocking Stuffers for 2018

An Apple smart watch, a perfect electronic stocking stuffer idea for chrsitmas
Filling a stocking with small gifts and treats is one of the highlights of the holiday season. Check out these stocking-friendly electronic gadgets and accessories that are sure to please.

An Apple smart watch, a perfect electronic stocking stuffer idea for chrsitmas

The key to great stocking stuffer electronics is buying gadgets that are useful, convenient, and affordable. The goal should be to buy a gift that you know will be appreciated, even if the person didn’t know they needed it. These five ideas are a good place to start when filling up a stocking with electronic goodies.

Electronic Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

1. Portable Storage & Memory

Cloud storage may be on the rise, but physical memory solutions don’t require monthly subscriptions and are just as easy to access. Flash drives are great for storing pictures, videos, and important documents, and make transferring files from one computer to another a breeze. SD cards will provide extra storage for digital cameras and tablets, while microSD cards will open up more space for downloading apps and music to your smartphone.

For those with bigger memory needs, an external hard drive is the perfect solution. Today’s hard drives are compact and typically portable, taking up very little space while allowing for massive amounts of data storage. They can also function as memory banks for video game consoles and computer system backups.

2. Headphones & Earbuds

High-end headphones are more of an under-the-tree kind of gift, but you can still get a comfortable pair with good sound quality without overspending. Earbuds are also a great alternative, especially for gym-goers. Bluetooth earbuds ditch the wires to give more freedom and mobility during workouts. Stick with recognizable brands in the color or style you’re looking for to find the perfect audio accessory for the music lover on your list.

3. Travel Charger

Nothing’s more frustrating than having your device’s battery run out without a charging outlet nearby. The good news is there’s an easy fix with portable power banks and chargers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the principle is the same. You charge the travel charger along with your phone, tablet, or laptop before you head out the door. Then, when your device battery starts to get in the red, simply plug it into the portable travel charger to recharge your device. These convenient battery savers are perfect for busy people who are always on the go and those who travel often.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers make great gifts because they’re wireless, they’re convenient, and you can take them anywhere. You can listen to music or podcasts in the kitchen, bedroom, or laundry room. Some are even waterproof for those who want to rock out poolside or love shower sing-a-longs. Try making this gift a stocking surprise for a special someone this Christmas.

5. Smart Watch

If you want to buy an exciting tech gift that’s stocking-sized and loaded with cool features, then a smart watch should be on your radar. Smart watches haven’t been around that long, but have become even more reliable, functional, and affordable since they debuted a few years ago. This gift will allow the wearer to check and send messages, control music playback, and so much more. Most smart watches have simple touch interfaces that make them easy to operate, whether you’re clueless or tech-savvy.