Best Educational Toys for Kids for Christmas 2018

Best Educational Toys for Kids for Christmas 2018

Best Educational Toys for Kids for Christmas 2017
Engage your young ones with fun, interactive, and educational toys this holiday season. When you gift the appropriate toy for your child's age and developmental level, you can stimulate creativity, boost confidence, and increase their skills.

Best Educational Toys for Kids for Christmas 2017

Toys for Early Development

Toys help young children discover the world. When shopping for kids younger than one, look for toys created specifically to build dexterity and strength. Toys with tags and flaps are perfect for babies — tags make the toys easy to hold and encourage tactile exploration. Stacking toys and shape puzzles are a great upgrade for older babies to help them develop problem-solving skills.

Activity Sets

An activity set is an all-in-one way for your child to learn and play. With a wide array of options to help your little ones build, create, and design, you can find a set that fits your child’s interests and encourages them to expand their horizons as they play. Be sure to choose something age appropriate so they get the most out of their new toy.

Counting Games

Games that teach counting, math, and telling time help young minds grasp critical life skills. Counting games are available in a variety of levels and formats to best suit your child’s ability and preferred learning style. From easy flashcards to challenging video games, kids can increase their analytical and problem-solving skills at a comfortable pace while having fun in the process.

Building Blocks

A favorite at any age, blocks inspire creativity. From large plastic blocks for babies to wooden blocks and small interlocking blocks for older children, the possibilities of what can be created are endless. In addition to creativity, building with blocks supports spatial reasoning, motor skills, and engineering skills. Give your kids the chance to let their minds run wild as they build structures and knock them down over and over again.


The appeal of puzzles for kids lies in the excitement of figuring something out on their own and the satisfaction when they complete it. It takes patience, dexterity, and problem-solving abilities to complete a puzzle – all of which are vital developmental skills. For babies and toddlers, choose chunky wooden puzzles with knobs that are easy to hold. With more refined skills, older children can complete complicated puzzles with small pieces.

Science Kits

Science kits stimulate young minds and provide a better understanding of how the world works, from physics to robotics. Whether it’s studying the life cycle of plants or conducting a chemistry experiment, you can choose a kit based on the curiosities of your favorite budding scientist.

Geography Toys

Invite your children to explore the mysteries of the world with toys that celebrate the study of geography. Geography toys teach the basics, like where cities and countries are located, as well as more in-depth details, like local food, wildlife, and monuments. Your kids will love learning about the world around them and might even discover an interest in travel.

Astronomy & Telescopes

Children seem to be naturally curious about outer space and the planets that inhabit the universe. From glow-in-the-dark stars for their bedroom ceiling to a telescope under the tree, you can take stargazing to the next level this Christmas. A model of the planets is another way to encourage questions and increase understanding of Earth and its place in the solar system.


Increase your child’s curiosity with a gift that introduces them to a fascinating world not normally visible to the human eye. For a younger child, a monocular (one eyepiece) microscope may be easier to manage than a binocular (two eyepieces) version. A dual microscope is versatile in its functionality. You can use it as a stereo microscope, which doesn’t require sample preparation, and as a compound microscope, which offers more high-powered functions.