How to Create the Best Desk Setup for Productivity
Office with Wooden Desk and Bookshelves
White Desk With Built in Shelves

1. Choose the Right Desk

Before you get started on rearranging your desk setup to amplify your productivity, you need to make sure you have a desk that’s a good fit for you. The right desk will give you enough room to work, provide space to organize important materials, and be the optimal height to encourage good posture. Keep in mind your daily tasks when deciding on the surface space you need for your desk.

An L- or U- shaped desk is perfect when you need separate spaces for different projects. Both styles have room for a computer setup with additional open surfaces for other responsibilities. Alternatively, an adjustable height desk gives you the flexibility to stretch your legs while maintaining productivity.

White Ergonomic Chair

2. Find an Ergonomic Chair

The comfort of your office chair can be the difference between a productive work day and a strained back and neck. Ergonomic chairs are designed specifically to encourage correct posture and offer support in all the right places. Look for a chair with fully adjustable features so that you can customize the tilt, height, and positioning of the chair’s seat, arm rests, and back. Once you’re comfortable, you put all your energy into your work. For more tips on choosing the best ergonomic chair for you, check out this helpful guide.

Desk Setup with Keyboard and Mouse Image Provided by Gabriel Beaudry

3. Rearrange Your Keyboard

When you are comfortable at your desk, you’re able to work longer and more efficiently. Your keyboard and mouse arrangement are directly related to your comfort while working. The wrong arrangement negatively affects your posture and can make you sore throughout the day. Situate your keyboard and mouse so you can use them with your elbows by your side and arms extended at a 90-degree angle. Ideally, your keyboard should be tilted away from you, one to two inches above your thighs. Consider attaching a keyboard tray to your desk to achieve the ideal position. If you find that you are still getting sore, invest in wrist rests for your keyboard and mouse to provide some extra cushioning.

Acrylic Desk Organizers

4. Organize Desktop Necessities

There’s nothing that breaks your workday concentration quite like having to get up and retrieve supplies, files, and other items that aren’t readily available. Figure out what you need to access on a daily basis and organize it within arm’s reach. A desktop organizer gives you a place to arrange writing implements, sticky notes, paper clips, and other necessities so you can always find exactly what you need without sacrificing productivity.

Keep your desk from becoming too cluttered by limiting your desktop items to only things that fit within your organizer. If you haven’t reached for it in a week, it probably doesn’t need to be on your desk.

Desk with a Planter, Desk Lamp, and Inspirational Quote Image Provided by Domenico Loia

5. Use Mood-Boosting Decor

Your mood impacts a variety of factors in your work day: attitude, motivation, and stress to name a few. Your most productive days will be the ones where you can maintain a positive mood. Adorn your desk with decorative accents and personal photos in an effort to stay upbeat as you work. A couple matching picture frames filled with family photos will be a sweet reminder of the people who love you.

Small knick-knacks or personal mementos make your desk feel like your own space and create a comfortable place for you to work. The space next to your phone is perfect for an uplifting quote or inspiring photo for your eyes to land on when you’re taking calls.

White Beat Headphones on a Wooden Desk

6. Lift Your Mood With Music

Music can make the most mundane tasks more enjoyable and can even help spark creativity when you’re in a slump. They might not have a permanent home on your desk, but headphones need to be part of your productive desk setup. Opt for a set that blocks outside noise to minimize distractions as you work. If you’re lucky enough to have a private office, you can incorporate a Bluetooth speaker on your desk to fulfill your musical needs.

White desk in front of a daylight window.

7. Maximize Daylight Exposure

Natural light is paramount to boosting energy and maximizing productivity in an office setting, but in a traditional office, you don’t always have the option of choosing where your desk is situated. In addition to periodic breaks outside for a burst of sunshine, you can add a light therapy lamp to your desk. Not getting enough light can negatively impact your mood and your overall health.

A light therapy lamp provides bright light that mimics the natural light of the sun without any harmful side effects. Position it next to your computer and aim it at your face without staring into the light. Try to take in 30 minutes of “sunshine” a day for a natural boost to your mood, especially during dreary winter months.

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