The Hot Sleeper’s Guide to the Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattresses

The Hot Sleeper’s Guide to the Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattress for hot sleepers
Tossing and turning in bed to get comfortable and waking up in the middle of a REM cycle soaked in sweat is hardly the recipe to a restful night’s sleep. Before you resort to cranking the AC or getting rid of blankets all together, you might need to reevaluate your memory foam mattress. Keep reading to find the best hot mattress solutions for you to make every night the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Low Density Memory Foam Mattresses Provide Air Flow for Cool Sleep

Low density memory foam mattress.

Folks are typically fond of memory foam mattresses for their body-hugging quality. They help to minimize body pain by holding you up without jabbing your pressure points. “Body hugging,” however, isn’t exactly synonymous with “cooling.” Dense foam layers, although supportive, don’t allow for sufficient air flow. If you’re set on a memory foam mattress but you tend to sleep hot, opt for one with a density of 3.5 pounds or less. The lighter foam keeps you cooler, and as a bonus they’re typically less expensive. For helpful shopping tips, read Tips on Buying a Memory Foam Mattress.

Gel Memory Foam Regulates Mattress Temperature to Save Hot Sleepers

Gel memory foam mattress

For an extra burst of cool while you sleep, opt for a gel memory foam mattress. These mattresses have all the support and comfort of a standard memory foam mattress with an added layer of gel foam to keep you from overheating. The gel breaks up dense foam and creates airflow without sacrificing any of the plush comfort. The gel also absorbs heat to keep it away from you as you sleep.

Latex Foam Mattresses Are Temperature Neutral

Latex memory foam mattress

Latex foam mattresses are probably the best when it comes to memory foam options that keep you cool, but often comes with a higher price tag. This type of foam doesn’t conduct heat, making it temperature neutral; so no matter how hot or cold your room is, the temperature of the mattress won’t change. Latex also boasts an aerated construction, so the breathability is top notch. A latex foam mattress may be an investment, but it’s never a bad idea to invest in good sleep. Not to mention the material is extremely durable, which means you’ll have cool, comfortable sleep for years to come.

Now that you have all the facts, you’re ready to choose a memory foam mattress to meet your cooling needs. And with a mattress that keeps you cool, you’re free to try sleeping in fuzzy socks, flannel sheets, and fleece pajamas.