Best Clock for Your Bedroom

blue clock on a bedside table
Relax and sleep in peace when you buy the perfect clock for your bedroom. Whether you want a traditional wall clock to complement a classic decor or a world clock so you can keep track of the time in cities around the globe, the following suggestions can help you buy clocks that fit your style. Read on to find the best clock for your bedroom.

blue clock on a bedside table

Best Bedroom Clocks:

Buy an effective alarm clock.

You probably rely on a clock to wake up in time for work, so why not buy a quality alarm clock that won’t let you down? Choose a traditional battery-powered two-bell alarm clock for a classic look in your bedroom or buy a clock radio with a digital display so you can wake up to your favorite radio station in the morning. You can even shop for a clock radio that allows you to plug in your MP3 player and set playlists or songs for your alarms. If you do end up buying a digital clock for your bedroom, you may want to look for a model that includes batteries for a reserve power supply. These clocks will keep your alarm set and wake you up even during a power outage.

Look for an atomic clock for precision.

If you like to be on time or even early for every event, you’ll want to keep an atomic clock in your bedroom. These clocks keep time based on atomic vibrations and are considered to be among the most accurate clocks. While you can usually find a digital atomic clock that also includes the temperature outdoors or indoors, you can also buy an atomic wall clock with numerals if you would like a more traditional style. A world clock that shows the time in other cities is also a great addition if you travel frequently or have family around the world. The best clock will provide you with the accurate time but won’t distract from your bedroom’s decor.

Find an LED clock to see the time clearly.

When it’s dark and you need to check the time, LED clocks are a great option for the bedroom. With their bright, easy-to-read digits, LED clocks allow you to see the current time the moment you walk into your room. Buy clocks that feature traditional red displays or find a model with blue or green digits for a different look. If you’re worried about the bright lights of these digital clocks keeping you up when you’re trying to sleep, look for models that include adjustable displays.

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