Best Baby Christmas Gifts in 2018

Best Baby Christmas Gifts in 2018

Best Christmas Toys for Babies in 2017
Your baby's first Christmas is an exciting time! You get to experience their first holiday moments, and they get to explore the merry sights and sounds of the season. Whether you have a newborn or an almost one-year-old, Christmas is the perfect time to buy your little one toys that they will play with all year long.

Best Christmas Toys for Babies in 2017

Baby Gyms

A baby gym is the perfect toy for a little one who has yet to master the art of rolling over. With dangling toys to look at and reach for, your baby will be entertained and mentally engaged. You have plenty of options to choose from to find one that’s right for your baby — some even have cushions and toys to encourage tummy time.


Rattles are fitting toys for even the youngest babies. They aid in the development of fine motor skills by helping babies learn to grip and shake. If your baby can’t hold onto a rattle yet, get them one that fastens around their wrist or ankle.

Baby Mobiles

If you haven’t already added a mobile to your baby’s nursery, Christmas is the perfect excuse to buy one. Mobiles give babies something to focus on as they drift off to sleep. When choosing a mobile, look for one that fits the theme of your nursery since it doubles as decoration.


It’s never too early to stock up on teething toys – babies can start teething as early as 4 months! Choose from a variety of teether toys like freezer rings, teething feeders, and fabric teethers. Teethers with fun features, like rattles and squeakers, will help keep your little one captivated and comfortable.

Stuffed Animals

Loveable faces, soft fabrics, and squishy bodies make stuffed animals time-honored favorites for children of all ages. For the youngest in your brood, opt for plushies that are small enough for your child to hold and hug. Some stuffed animals rattle, sing songs, or have tags to play with for an extra level of fun.

Stacking Toys

Many babies are intrigued by stacking toys, especially those that fit inside each other. Whether they are blocks, shapes, or cups, stacking toys can increase dexterity and hand-eye coordination, and young kids love them. These toys are ideal for babies 6 months and older who can sit up on their own.

Baby Activity Centers

An activity center gives your baby the chance to play and explore. With plenty of moving toys, bright colors, and fun sounds at their fingertips, your tot is sure to have a blast. Activity centers are upgrades from baby gyms for older babies who can sit on their own.

Bath Toys

Make bath time a blast with bright, colorful toys that are made for the water. Choose an assortment of toys that shoot water, float, or stick to the walls of the tub. Don’t forget a toy organizer that secures to the bath wall for easy cleanup and storage.


The older babies get, the more they want to be on the move. Activity walkers let them do just that as they strengthen their legs and practice walking. Young babies benefit from walkers with a supportive seat while older babies can push standing walkers.

Car Seat and Stroller Toys

For babies who aren’t lulled to sleep when riding in their car seat or stroller, endless crying isn’t the only option. Car seat and stroller toys are made to hook right to the seat to keep your baby happy on the go. Look for toys that your child can rattle, spin, and pull to keep them engaged for the whole ride.