Best Air Conditioners for a Small Home

Small bedroom with an air conditioner
Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a one-story home, you need air conditioners that keep you cool when the weather gets hot. Whether you want a window air conditioner for your bedroom or a portable air conditioner you can place in any room, you're sure to find air conditioner units that fit your space with these tips. Read on to learn about the best air conditioners for a small home.

Small bedroom with an air conditioner

Air Conditioners for Small Spaces:

Window Air Conditioners

If you live in a small one- or two-bedroom apartment, a window air conditioner may be the best option, because it is mounted in a window and takes up very little space. Look for air conditioner units that include sliding panels to block outside air from coming in through the window. When shopping for window units, look for compact energy-efficient air conditioners that feature temperature and fan speed controls and timers so you can control the amount of energy your window unit uses. The best air conditioner will also have an auto-off feature so it doesn’t run continually.

Portable Air Conditioners

Cool down your home with a portable air conditioner; when placed in a doorway or entryway, these energy-efficient air conditioners can circulate a cool breeze throughout your kitchen, living room or any other space. These types of air conditioners are particularly effective when you need to quickly cool your child’s room or the master bedroom before bed, as they can be easily moved as needed. Make sure to buy portable home air conditioners that include remotes so you don’t have to walk across the room to adjust temperature or turn the machine off.

Through-Wall Air Conditioners

If you have a bit more time and are really short on space, purchase a through-wall air conditioner. Through wall air conditioners are installed in an empty wall, far from electronics or electric wiring that could be damaged by condensation, so that the front of the air conditioner is flush with the wall. While these home air conditioners take much longer to install than other types, you’ll save valuable floor or window space in your home. The best air conditioner for your home may be one that is the least intrusive.

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