Best Bed Sheets for Your Decor Style

Best Bed Sheets for Your Decor Style

Best Bed Sheets for Your Decor Style
Want to upgrade your bedroom without spending a lot of money? The right bed sheets can transform your room in seconds. Simply switching the color, pattern, or fabric in your bedding can turn your bed into a statement piece that matches the rest of your decor. Get inspired and upgrade your bedding by embracing your favorite decor style like farmhouse or boho.

Coastal Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Styles: Coastal

Whether you’re near the Atlantic Ocean or the Mississippi River, you can live anywhere you want and enjoy the fresh, beachy feel of coastal bedding. Every day feels like a vacation when you sleep in airy materials like linen, cotton, or bamboo in shades of tan, turquoise, or sea green. This style is the catch of the day when paired with nautical-themed top layer and pillows. You can dress up your beach house, guest rooms, or even master bedroom in this fun, dreamy style to feel fresh and summery all year round.

Shabby Chic Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Styles: Shabby Chic

If you dream of feminine colors and floral patterned bed sheets with an upcycled, vintage twist, shabby chic may be the style for you. Whether you’re crawling into bed with a good novel or a hot cup of tea, this style is for the old souls who love soft, homey touches. Pair floral sheets with frilly pillow shams and extra-fluffy comforters in light brown, sage, pale pink, and baby blue. It’s everything good about your grandma’s style in your own home.

French Country Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Styles: French Country

Are you poised, traditional, and have an eye for practical luxury? Do classic French finishes like toile, paisley, and damask always turn your eye? This style blends the sophistication and comfort seen across the French countryside. You’ll sleep easy on fresh, neutral sheets of dove grey, white, and dusty blue when paired with top layers and pillow shams sprinkled with fine details. Your bed will look especially stylish when these bed sheets are paired with a tufted headboard or canopy. C’est magnifique!

Scandinavian Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Styles: Scandinavian

If you love minimal style but enjoy the creature comforts of lounging in bed, consider dressing your bed in a Scandinavian style. From Denmark to Sweden, functional comfort is the name of the game in Scandinavia. Dress your bed with sheets like organic or Egyptian cotton that feel softer with every wash and match any decor. Timeless colors like blush or taupe are calming and cozy, especially when layered with heavy knit or faux fur throws for all the cold nights.

Boho Chic Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Styles: Boho Chic

Boho chic is the perfect style for the dreamers and wanderers among us. If you’re inspired by other cultures and crave travel, at least set up a bohemian haven to rest your head at home. Crisp bamboo sheets are eco-friendly, feel great, and come in bright cheerful colors like turquoise, royal purple, and magenta. Complete your boho bed by pairing your bamboo sheets with a duvet or comforter featuring Eastern-inspired designs like mandalas.

Modern Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Styles: Modern

Translate your sleek, no-nonsense style to your bed sheets with a few modern twists. Solid colors and understated patterns like pinstripes are subtle and easy to clean regularly. You may not be a fan of bold colors, but a little contrast goes a long way when you pair clean neutral colors like grey and white with pops of color or potted plants. When it comes to modern style, simplicity is key, so keep your bed looking comfortable and low profile for the right modern angle.

Glam Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Styles: Glam

Feel like a princess on luxe, high-fashion bedding. Splurge a little on quality bed sheets in sateen, satin, or even silk to sleep like a movie star. The best colors for glam bed sheets are light neutrals and feminine colors like dusty pink, ivory, or lavender. When paired with a plush comforter, metallic-colored throw pillows, and luxurious faux fur, you’ll get a night of sleep as fabulous as you.  

Farmhouse Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Styles: Farmhouse

If you embrace simple things like fresh white cotton sheets and uncomplicated patterns, farmhouse may be the style for you and your bedding. Bright neutral colors like white, tan, and grey are perfect for this vibrant farm-fresh style. Use accent throws and pillows in buffalo plaid or gingham to add a little extra personality to your farmhouse-style bed sheets.



Mid-Century Modern Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Styles: Mid-Century Modern

If you dream of updated atomic age style, consider decking your space in mid-century modern bed sheets and bedding. Nostalgic but current, mid-century can be dressed up or down, so it’s perfect for a versatile stylist like you. You can capture the look of vintage style bedding by swapping patterns, solids, and colors. Find bed sheets that feature patterns with avocado green or goldenrod to pair with neutral top layers for a look that’s truly groovy.