Baguette-cut Diamonds vs. Emerald-cut Diamonds

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Diamonds are available in a variety of cuts that exemplify their brilliance and clarity. The baguette cut and the emerald cut are two popular diamond cut choices. Both diamond styles adorn fine jewelry pieces, including diamond engagement rings, diamond bracelets and diamond earrings. Their sharp geometric shapes offer a distinct diamond cut, different from smooth, flowing oval, pear and round diamonds. Baguette-cut and emerald-cut diamonds bring straight lines and beautiful shapes to all types of diamond jewelry. Use our tips to choose the diamond jewelry that will complement your wardrobe.

diamond rings

Baguette Diamonds and Emerald Diamonds:


The long, rectangular baguette-cut diamond has octagonal corners. Baguette-cut diamond jewelry earned popularity in the 1920s and 1930s during the art deco and art nouveau movements, which emphasized geometric form with straight, clean lines. Emerald-cut diamonds can be square or rectangular, but both baguette-cut and emerald-cut diamonds have step cuts, which are facets that look like steps rather than corners or triangles. Both cuts have a bold shape that looks great in diamond rings and diamond bracelets.


Baguette-cut diamonds traditionally have 14 facets, giving the diamond a high level of luster, but less brilliance than the more common round-brilliant cut. Emerald-cut diamonds typically have 50 to 58 facets. Although emerald-cut diamonds have more facets than baguette-cut diamonds, both stones offer a look and style that is different from the fiery princess and round cuts. Both emerald-cut and baguette-cut stones are beautiful and distinct in diamond engagement rings and diamond necklace pendants.


Baguette-cut diamonds are typically small and are commonly used as accent stones in diamond rings and other diamond jewelry. Choose a diamond engagement ring with a round- or square-shaped diamond flanked with baguette-cut stones for an engagement ring choice that is unique and beautiful. Emerald-cut diamonds also make good accent stones, although engagement rings, diamond necklaces and diamond earrings commonly showcase emerald-cut diamonds as the main stone. Both emerald-cut and baguette-cut diamonds can be placed side-by-side in pave and channel settings, making them good choices for diamond tennis bracelets and wedding bands.

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