Backyard Bar Shed Essentials

Backyard Bar Shed Essentials

Backyard Bar Shed Essentials
Shed bars are popular home additions that provide a fun and secluded place for drinking with friends. When furnishing a shed bar, you'll need certain appliances, tools, and furniture to make the space feel homey and inviting. Keep reading to discover the essential items no shed bar should be without.

15 Must-Haves You Need for Your Bar Shed



Shed Bar

The first essential is obvious: a good shed that’s as comfortable as it is durable. Shed bars vary greatly in size, ranging from small shacks to room-size home additions that can easily hold several people. When choosing a shed for your bar, get one that will fit your yard nicely and withstand whatever weather is typical in your area.


Home Bar

Shed Bar Home Bar

Ideal for serving drinks, making cocktails, and storing glassware, a practical and stylish bar unit is an indispensable part of any good shed bar. Bar units come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and they can include convenient features like shelves, drawers, wine racks, and built-in bottle openers. The variety of available home bar options makes finding the perfect bar for your shed much easier.


Mini Fridge

Shed Bar Mini Fridge

Keep beer cold and cocktail mix-ins fresh with a mini fridge conveniently tucked away behind your bar unit. When shopping for a mini fridge, find one with two or more shelves and a low-profile design that won’t take up too much space in your shed. Some mini fridges also feature freezer compartments for ice and frozen treats


Liquor Cabinet

Shed Bar Home Liquor Cabinet

From whiskey to wine, bottled drinks need to be stored in a safe and convenient place. With a liquor cabinet in your shed bar, you can keep liquor, glassware, and mixing sets in one handy spot. A liquor cabinet can also complement your other decor, so get one that matches whatever style you’ve chosen for your shed.



Shed Bar Stools

Whether you place them at the counter or arrange them around a tall table, stylish and comfortable bar stools are crucial if you plan to entertain guests in your bar shed. Styles range from wooden stools with cushioned seats to backless Industrial options. When shopping, choose a set of stools that will make your shed look great while helping your guests relax.


Bar Tables

Shed Bar Table

No shed bar is complete without a stylish table where you can drink and chat with your friends. The ideal size and shape of your table will depend on your shed. A long, rectangular table would be perfect for a shed with a wide design and a lot of space. For a more compact shed, get a small table that leaves plenty of space for people to walk around it. There’s a variety of home bar options, making it easier to find the perfect bar for your shed.


Bottle Openers & Corkscrews

Shed Bar Bottle Opener

If you plan to serve beer and wine in your shed, then you’ll need a bottle opener and a corkscrew. For convenience, you can get a multitool that features both. If you want to theme your shed’s decor or stick to a specific style, you can also find stylish bottle openers and corkscrews to match.


Cocktail Mixing Set

Shed Bar Tools

With a full set of mixing tools behind the bar, you can easily make delicious mixed drinks like Moscow mules and pina coladas for your guests. When shopping for a mixing set, find one that includes a stirring spoon, a shaker, a juicer, a strainer, and a muddler. Most sets include these basic utensils, but for adventurous mixologists, more expansive sets will also provide specialized tools like peelers.



Shed Bar Beer Glasses

Quality glassware is an indispensable part of any good shed bar. A set of wine glasses, beer steins, and shot glasses should be enough for most purposes, but it never hurts to have goblets and champagne flutes on hand for fancy drinks. You can even get your glassware monogrammed for some personal flair, and a set of decorative glasses that fit your shed’s theme will give the space unified charm.


Keg Refrigerator

Shed Bar Keg Refrigerator

A keg refrigerator with a beer tap will allow you to serve cold beer fresh from a keg, giving your shed bar the look and feel of an authentic tavern. Many keg refrigerators feature pressurizing equipment to keep beer carbonated for several weeks. You can even replace the refrigerator’s tap handle with a branded wooden handle to complete your shed’s pub aesthetic.



Shed Bar Lighting

Like your home, your shed bar should feature light fixtures that fit the space and match the decor. It’s also important to use fixtures that won’t feel too bright in your shed. Whether a reserved light pendant or a set of stylish table lamps are right for your bar is up to you. Some people even hang small yet stately chandeliers in their shed bars. For more lighting tips, check out our Home Lighting Guide.


Bar Games

Shed Bar Darts

For a shed bar that is fun and entertaining, put a bar game or two in the space. Darts, chess, and card games are ideal for smaller shed bars. If your shed is large enough, a pool table is a fun addition that can make your shed feel like a stylish lounge or pub.



Shed Bar Coasters

Drink coasters are a great way to protect your tables and countertops from condensation while also elevating your shed bar’s decor. They come in many different styles and can be made from a diverse assortment of materials, including wood, stone, glass, and metal. You can find stylish bottle openers and corkscrews to match whichever theme or style you’ve chosen for your shed.


Flat Screen TV

Shed Bar Flat Screen

With a large flat-screen TV in your shed, you can host sports nights, catch up on your favorite sitcom, or just watch a movie while sipping beer with your friends. You can mount the TV directly to a wall over your bar unit or place it on a stylish entertainment center if your shed is large enough to comfortably hold one.


Sound System

Shed Bar Sound System

Good tunes are a fundamental part of any bar, and a high-fidelity sound system in your shed will keep the music going all night long. Find a sound system you can hook up to a CD player, a record player, and a cell phone to guarantee you can play your favorite music in any format. If you pair speakers with a karaoke machine, you can even use your shed as a karaoke bar.