All About Jewelry Boxes: Selecting a Jewelry Armoire

All About Jewelry Boxes: Selecting a Jewelry Armoire

a mirror armoire combo
If you love jewelry, keep your collection safe with jewelry boxes. You couldn't have guessed that the locket you received for your 12th birthday would lead to a complete jewelry takeover in your bedroom, closet and bathroom. You bought your first bangle bracelet in high school and a collection of sterling silver cocktail rings in college, and now your home is filled with your beloved jewelry treasures. Investing in a jewelry armoire will help you make sure that you wear your favorite pieces often and keep them safe. A jewelry armoire is a large jewelry box that has room for a large collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and other accessories. These jewelry cabinets usually stand on the ground or are mounted onto the wall. Consider these tips when shopping for jewelry box armoires to invest in the best jewelry storage options for your home.

a mirror armoire combo

Selecting a Jewelry Armoire:


Traditional standing jewelry armoires:

The most common type of jewelry storage for a large collection is the standing armoire. These jewelry chests stand on the floor next to your dresser, your bed or your hope chest and help you organize your jewelry by type. Most standing jewelry cabinets open in the front like a closet to reveal hooks for organizing necklaces. These armoires also have drawers with slots and compartments for rings and bracelets, as well as hooks for earrings. This type of jewelry chest adds style to your home and is ideal for the jewelry lover who has extra floor space and an extensive jewelry collection.


Wall-mount jewelry armoires:

Some jewelry armoires are designed to hang on your wall like a medicine cabinet. These jewelry boxes save space and put your jewelry at eye-level, making it easy to choose the pieces you want to wear. Many wall-mount jewelry armoires have mirrors on the front or on the inside for a quick jewelry, hair and makeup check. These jewelry chests come in a variety of sizes and are especially helpful for storing necklaces without tangling them.



Jewelry armoires are ideal for keeping your jewelry safe. Both standing jewelry armoires and wall-mount jewelry armoires are available with locks and secret compartments. Be sure to choose an armoire with sturdy construction and durable materials.