9 Ways You Can Extend Your Patio Season into Fall

9 Ways You Can Extend Your Patio Season into Fall
Toward the end of the year when the air gets colder and the days get shorter, many people pack up their patio furniture and wait for spring. Those people are missing out. With leaves changing colors and the earthy smells of harvest on the breeze, fall is one of the best seasons for lounging on your patio. Extend your patio season through summer and into fall with these helpful tips and ideas for fall patio furniture and decor.

9 Ways You Can Extend Your Patio Season into Fall

9 Great Patio Furnishings to Use this Fall

1. Fire Pit

Fire pits are patio essentials for any season, but in fall they can be put to their best use keeping you and your guests cozy despite the chilly weather. With a fire pit on your patio, you can enjoy fire-lit autumn evenings in your backyard making s’mores and stargazing with friends. Fire pits come in many different sizes and styles, ranging from small metal bowls for burning logs to large brick fireplaces that burn propane.

2. Throw Blankets

Perfect for cuddling on your patio with a loved one and some hot cider, a heavy throw blanket can keep you warm while you relax and enjoy the beauty of autumn. While blankets shouldn’t be left lying around outside when you’re not using them, storing them in your mudroom or in a storage bench on your patio makes them conveniently available whenever someone wants to lounge outside. Blankets made from thick cotton or wool are the best for outdoor use because they are durable and very warm.

3. Outdoor Rug

A sturdy area rug crafted for outdoor use is a great addition to any patio, especially when summer turns to fall and it gets cold and muddy outside. Putting a rug on your patio can make the place feel homey and warm while also allowing people to wipe their feet off before stepping inside. Outdoor rugs can be made from several synthetic and natural materials, including sisal, polypropylene, and jute, so you can find one that will resist the elements in a color and style you love.

4. Hot Tub

With a spa or hot tub on your patio, you can relax in warm, bubbling water in the privacy of your own backyard while also enjoying the colors and smells of fall. Outdoor hot tubs are typically built with convenient covers that can be placed over them when they are not in use. This makes it easy to keep your hot tub clean and in good condition, even when the leaves start to fall.

5. Fall-Colored Fabrics

Dressing your patio to match the fallen leaves in your yard will help your home fit the season. Orange, red, yellow, purple, and brown are all beautiful fall shades, and switching out your spring- or summer-colored cushions and throw pillows with fall-colored replacements is an easy way to make your decor more festive. When changing out your cushions, find new ones that are upholstered with weather-resistant fabric to ensure they will hold up all the way into November.

6. Additional Lighting

As the seasons change from summer to fall, daylight gets shorter and night comes sooner, making it hard to stay out on your patio as late as you would like to. To continue enjoying your patio at night during fall, add more lighting to your outdoor space. With hanging string lights, practical path lighting, handsome tiki torches, and stylish wall sconces, you can keep your patio well-lit and make it feel more inviting, even after it gets dark.

7. Patio Umbrella

Falling leaves are one of the most beautiful parts of autumn, but a tall tree in your yard can leave a mess on your patio dining set when it starts to shed its leaves. Instead of clearing the leaves away each time you want to eat outside, place a large patio umbrella over your dining set. The umbrella will keep your table and chairs free of leaves while also protecting them from end-of-year rainstorms and early snowfall. Patio umbrellas are available in many different colors, so you can be sure to find one that will match your dining set.

8. Patio Heater

Using an outdoor heater to warm your patio in fall is an excellent way to stay comfortable all season. Heater designs vary greatly, ranging from large tube heaters to wall-mounted electric lamps. Tall heaters with domed canopies that generate heat and push it downward are particularly popular because they can heat many people below them. You can place one by your conversation set for intimate gatherings or position several around your patio for larger get-togethers.

9. Nature-Inspired Decor

Decorating your patio with nature-themed decor is a great way to make it feel homey and outdoorsy all at once, especially in fall. For stylish autumn charm, use decorations that are reminiscent of leaves, trees, and harvest time. Cornucopias, fake pumpkins, cute scarecrows, and sleepy animal figurines will all fit right in. Autumn wreaths that feature orange and brown arrangements of twigs, plastic pumpkins, pinecones, and leaves are an especially popular decoration that can make your home feel more festive.

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