7 Tips for an Easy Bathroom Remodel

7 Tips for an Easy Bathroom Remodel

7 Tips for an Easy Bathroom Remodel
Whether you live in a rental or you're just ready for a refresh, a bathroom remodel can be a quick and easy task to take on. You don't have to knock out walls, rip up tile, and redo plumbing to have a bathroom that reflects your style. Remodel your bathroom in a weekend by keeping it simple and affordable with fast fixes that make a big impact.

7 Tips for an Easy Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodels You Can Do in a Weekend:

1. Bathroom Towel Racks

If your current towel rack just doesn’t cut it when it comes to keeping things tidy, or if it throws off your style game, then it’s time for an update. Try hanging a towel rack with a shelf and multiple rungs for more storage opportunities. Choose brass and nickel finishes for a sleek look or a wooden towel rack for a rustic vibe.

2. Bathroom Lighting

See your bathroom in a new light and replace the light fixtures to give your space a happier glow. The right fixture can function as both a decorative piece and light source, so keep a style in mind while you shop. Updating your lighting can also make up for a lack of natural light. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, then stronger lighting can help brighten the space.

3. Bathroom Fixtures

Outdated sink and bathtub faucets can stick out like a sore thumb, so replace them with new styles in modern finishes to bring your decor up to speed. Replacing your showerhead is also an easy update that improves your bathrooms look. While choosing your fixtures, keep in mind that you’ll want the finish to match for a cohesive flow.

4. Bathroom Hardware

Beautiful details help make a space uniquely yours. Replace old drawer pulls and cabinet handles for a breath of fresh air in your bathroom. For a cohesive feel, match your drawer pulls to shower and sink hardware, or use this opportunity to add bits of color and pattern to the decor.

5. Bathroom Vanities

A new bathroom vanity can cure a multitude of decorating mishaps and can be replaced quickly. Open up space in your bathroom with a pedestal vanity, or add storage with a mounted cabinet vanity. Be sure the placement of your vanity goes with the flow of your bathroom’s traffic and that the materials will hold up in a humid environment.

6. Bathroom Mirrors

The mirror in your bathroom occupies a significant amount of space, so it might as well be beautiful. A mirror is practical, but can also serve your bathroom by reflecting and reinforcing your new lighting and by making a style statement. Give your bathroom some glam with a framed mirror or soften the look with a round or oval mirror.

7. Bathroom Accessories

Add finishing touches with beautiful bath accessories that provide pretty details to top off your decor. Brighten up your bathroom with a patterned or colorful shower curtain and coordinating towels. Give yourself and your guests a soft spot to land on with a plush bath mat, and accessorize your updated vanity with a new soap dish and toothbrush holder.