5 Girls’ Bedding Ideas

5 Girls' Bedding Ideas
A girl's bedroom can act as a haven, an inspiration, and a place to create and dream – so having the right girl's bedding is essential to help foster her creativity. Whether you're looking for her first girls' bed set or trying to update the look of her current space, make sure she has a room she'll be proud to show off with these tips and tricks.

5 Girls' Bedding Ideas

Girls’ Bedding Ideas:


Create a Themed Room

Whether she’s into soccer, horses or ballet, surround her with her favorite things. Using girls’ bedding, you can turn her room into an island oasis or a flower-filled garden. Once you have the right inspiration, it’s easy to get creative. Try making your own crown headboard with plywood, paint and glue-on plastic jewels to pair with girls’ princess bedding. Using girls’ bedding as your guide, the possibilities are endless.


Surprise Her with an Update

As she grows, she’ll need a space to call her own. If the room she currently inhabits is starting to feel too childish, take the opportunity to surprise the girl in your life with a more modern look that will take her from childhood to her teen years effortlessly.

Updating Her Room

Depending on her taste, you can stick to the same color scheme and transition old accessories or create a completely new look. Once you’ve narrowed it down, pick a weekend day when you know she’ll be out of the house and work your magic transforming her pad.

If you’re worried about someone with picky taste, schedule a time when you can work on the makeover together. You’ll both be surprised at how great her room looks with her new girls’ bedding.


Add Excitement to Slumber Parties

Next time she has friends over, break out some new pretty sleeping bags. Girls’ sleeping bags offer plush warmth without the utility look of traditional sleeping bags. Lightweight sleeping bags come in a variety of fun colors and patterns to complement her room and help her guests sleep comfortably. In the morning, they can easily be stored under the bed or in a closet and are perfect to take on trips to grandma’s house.


Switch It Out to Match the Season

To make sure she’s sleeping comfortably year-round, try changing her bedding to match the temperature. Use a lightweight girls’ quilt when it gets hot outside to make sure she feels nice and cool. For the colder months, placing a duvet-covered down comforter on her bed will ensure she stays warm all night long. Stick with the same color palette and rotate them for a foolproof way to update her bedroom year after year.


Use It as Art

Hanging a girls’ quilt on the wall is a fun way to add vibrant color and visual interest to a room without spending a lot of money on frames and prints. Childproof and easy to coordinate, quilts can be used as a backdrop for acting out plays or in place of a colored accent wall. If outside noises are an issue, a quilt hung on the wall can even act as a barrier to alleviate loud sounds.

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