3 Quick Tips for Better Sleep

a woman sleeping
When we get quality sleep, we have more energy to function our best in our day-to-day lives. But if you’re like me, sometimes it’s a struggle to get the kind of rest you need. These quick tips have helped me enjoy deeper, better sleep, which means I wake up refreshed and ready to go.

a woman sleeping

Be Consistent in Your Sleep Patterns

After a serious bout of jet lag, I have a better appreciation for consistent sleep patterns. If you’re having trouble sleeping like I did, sticking to the same sleep-wake schedule can help. You’ll enjoy deeper, more satisfying sleep and feel more refreshed and energized when awake. And when you’re dragging at 3 p.m., nix the nap and instead take a quick walk to fight off afternoon sluggishness.


Be Kind…Unwind Your Mind

My brain is usually racing during the day with tasks, concerns, and an ongoing mental to-do list. But just because my body is exhausted at night, it doesn’t mean my mind is ready to call it a day. If this sounds familiar, a routine for relaxation will help you let go of worries. Take a walk, practice yoga, soak in a bubble bath, read something inspiring, or enjoy aromatherapy to help your body and brain get some much needed rest.


Believe in the Power of a Pillow

When your pillow suits your sleeping style, it can greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Once when traveling, I couldn’t believe how much better I was sleeping at night, and the answer was in the pillows. I had always purchased the same type of pillow for my husband and me — but not after that trip. My husband now uses a firmer pillow that accommodates back sleepers, while I sleep on my side, nestled in my feather and down heaven. For help finding the perfect pillow for you, see our guide Best Pillows for Every Kind of Sleep.

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