10 Dorm Ideas Your Roommate Won’t Hate

10 Dorm Ideas Your Roommate Won’t Hate

10 Dorm Ideas Your Roommate Won't Hate
Sharing a living space isn't always easy, and choosing what items to bring into your dorm can play a big role in how you and your roommate use your dorm together. Items you and your roommate can share or that will make living in the same room easier are the perfect options to keep the peace. Here are 10 ideas for dorm room items that your roommate won't hate having in your dorm.

10 Dorm Ideas Your Roommate Won't Hate

Decor Ideas for Dorm Rooms

1. Storage Baskets

Anything you can do to keep your dorm tidy is going to be appreciated by your roommate. Use stylish storage baskets to keep all your things organized and create a clean space that fosters harmony and peaceful cohabitation. From colorful plastic crates to woven natural-fiber baskets, there are storage basket options to suit any dorm style.

2. Shower Caddy

Avoid cluttering your shower with bottles of shampoo or body wash by storing all your bath supplies in a shower caddy. Whether you leave your caddy hanging in the shower or you take it back and forth from the bathroom, this handy storage option keeps your shower area tidy for everyone who has to share it.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music in your dorm and anywhere else on campus with a portable Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth speaker won’t take up an unnecessary amount of room in your small dorm, and it makes enjoying music in your dorm room easy and convenient for both you and your roommate.

4. Hamper

Nothing makes a dorm room look cluttered faster than dirty clothes piling up on the floor. A hamper provides a designated space for all your dirty clothes, which will keep your room tidy and make transporting them to the laundromat much easier. Choose a hamper with a compact design so you and your roommate can each have room for your own.

5. Bulletin Board

Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything you and your roommate have in your schedules. A bulletin board where you can post notes, calendars, and reminders to each other is the perfect solution for two busy students. This also gives you a spot for pictures and decorations that both of you can enjoy.

6. Desk Organizer

Desks are typically a place where things tend to pile up quickly. Between old homework assignments and random day-to-day objects accumulating on your desk, it can easily become an unusable eyesore. However, with simple desk organizers you can keep everything in its right place and open up your desk space for working and studying with your roommate.

7. Reading Lamp

When you need to stay up and study but your roommate needs to sleep, a stylish reading lamp can provide plenty of light without distracting other occupants in your room. Choose a reading lamp with an adjustable neck that lets you focus light in any direction. This lets you use the same light for working at your desk and cozying up with a book in bed.

8. Bath Mats

Keep your bathroom clean and dry with matching bath mats for your dorm’s shared bathroom. These mats will absorb water and prevent your bathroom floor from becoming slippery and dangerous. They also offer a plush comfort underfoot while you get ready for the day. Coordinate the color of your bath mats with your roommate’s other bathroom decor for a perfectly matching look.

9. Extra Bedding

Keep your dorm room looking fresh and fashionable by keeping extra bedding handy. You don’t want an uncovered mattress cramping your dorm style while you wash your bedding, so swap to an extra set of bedding while you do laundry to keep your room ready to use at all times. You and your roommate can go the extra mile with matching bedding for a more coordinated dorm room style.

10. Coffee Maker

If you or your roommate are the type who needs a cup of coffee before anything gets done in the morning, then you definitely need a coffee maker for your dorm. A coffee maker with a timer lets you wake up in the morning to the smell of a freshly brewed pot, so you can both start the day off right.