10 Best Travel Gifts for Her

The 10 Best Travel Gifts for Her
Christmas is the time to treat your loved ones to special gifts that are thoughtfully chosen with each of them in mind. If the lady on your list has a heart for adventure, a few travel essentials are just the ticket to inspire her wanderlust. From portable entertainment to must-have luggage, our trip-friendly gift guide has products for every jet setter.

The 10 Best Travel Gifts for Her

Gifts for Women Who Love to Travel

1. Cameras

For the sightseer who loves to capture each thrilling moment of her journey, a camera is a gift that can’t be beat. Compact cameras are best for travel and can be slipped into hiking gear, purses, and small bags for easy transport. Whether she’s an outdoor adventurer or a city explorer, there are sport, waterproof, and digital cameras for every traveler.

2. Tablets

Every journey includes a little downtime, like waiting for a flight or spending time on a train. With a captivating book or engaging game, your giftee can pass the time with a fun diversion. Tablets and e-readers are smart, compact travel companions loaded with hours of entertainment to keep your gift recipient amused. If she’s a bookworm who prefers to get lost in stories, an e-reader is just her style. But if she prefers to play games, watch videos, or connect with social media, a tablet is right up her alley.

3. Journals

Travel notebooks are an excellent gift for the jet setter. A travel journal is a place to record the details of your giftee’s adventures so she can capture the experiences and excitement of each trip. From restaurant reviews and notes about discovered places to sketches and lists, travel journals are a simple way to help the traveler on your Christmas list build lasting memories. Slip a pack of Moleskine notebooks into her Christmas stocking, or wrap up a beautiful leather-bound journal for under the tree.

4. Headphones

Whether she’s catching a few Z’s between flights or passing the time with her favorite podcast, headphones are a must for the traveler on your shopping list. With the hustle and bustle of public places, noise-canceling headphones reduce ambient sounds, which makes for better-quality listening of music and other media. Look for headphones that offer a compact design for easy stowing when not in use.

5. Laptop Bags

A laptop bag is a practical addition to your giftee’s travel gear. Help make her travel experience easier with a carry-on tote that offers convenience and accessibility. A laptop bag with a removable sleeve will make check-in points a cinch to navigate. If you’re purchasing other luggage for your gift recipient, consider a coordinating laptop bag to complete the ensemble.

6. Luggage

New luggage is a welcome gift to any globetrotter. If your giftee prefers carry-on luggage to checked bags, look for a compact suitcase with ample storage to accommodate her belongings. For the world-traveler who thrives on adventure, hard-shell or hard-case luggage can standup to serious wear and tear. Spinner suitcases are a great option for ladies looking for a little more convenience when trekking through airports and hotels.

7. Travel Pillows

Give her the gift of relaxation with a luxurious travel pillow. Compact and portable, a travel-size pillow allows your giftee to comfortably catch a few winks whenever the opportunity may arise. Some travel cushions include a heat pack for ultimate relaxation. Look for plush neck pillows or small cushions to transform any seat into a place to settle in and unwind.

8. Cosmetic Bag

A cosmetic bag is vital to the fashionable jet setter’s travel essentials. Cosmetic bags help keep her makeup products portable, accessible, and organized. They can also protect her other valuables from mingling with her favorite cosmetics. Look for a makeup bag that suits her style, includes compartments to organize her products, and offers a compact shape and size.

9. Passport Wallets

A passport or travel wallet is essential to an organized excursion. With a travel wallet, your giftee can secure her tickets, cash, cards, traveler’s checks, and IDs all in one place, making check-in points easier to get through. Look for a passport wallet with a slim design and ample storage to accommodate her important documents.

10. Portable Chargers

If she’s traveling with electronics, a portable power bank is key to keeping her connected. Portable chargers pack a powerful punch with hours of useable charge to keep her mobile devices going. Also, these affordable chargers come in a range of sizes and storage capacities. Make sure to look for a charger that accommodates your giftee’s devices and features a compact design for easy storage.

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